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  1. Anyone from waitlist hear back? I just want to know if there’s any movements from waitlisted applicants.
  2. Is there any more interviews coming up?
  3. anyone who got accepted to multiple programs plan on giving up their spot for other program?? It doesn’t mean that i will get accepted... but wanted to ask.
  4. How’s “waiting” going for everyone? So... i assume we will hear back between this week and next week?! I also looked over past years’ forum, and i think they will let us know by either this friday(nov 3) or next monday(nov 6). Happy Halloween!!
  5. I wish I still remember the questions they asked me. I don't remember the specific questions, but they asked standard questions. Why pa? why wayne state? etc. Since I'm one of the older applicants, they asked me why I wanted to change the career. I think they asked me about 5 questions. You need to write an essay by hand. I was very nervous during the interview. I was sweating, and was not able to say the words I prepared for. I knew that I would get rejected. I know it's hard for some people, but be confident! Good luck everyone!
  6. i had interview last year and received a rejection email. The writing is about 30 min. 2 rounds of interviews (one round w/ faculty member, other round w/ community pa). They separate applicants into groups, so the order depends on which group you are in. There's no tour of the facilities, but had about 30-40min of introduction of the program and had time to ask questions to the current students. The writing prompts are different for the thursday's and friday's interview. I also heard that the writing part is to see if you can just write. Good luck everyone! I really wish to get in this year.
  7. I also got an interview invite for 19th at 10:47am. The email mentions to respond by monday, 9th. So additional applicants might get the interview invites after the 9th. Don't lose hope!! Nothing's official until you hear back from the admissions committee. Good luck everyone!
  8. @ matthewmich i sent my transcripts to both caspa and wayne state, because I wasn't sure either.
  9. Does anyone know about the expcted date for the interview? Oct 20 for 2016 and and oct 29 for 2015. Anyone heard about thr date from the recent info session yet?
  10. Thanks for additional information. But i was just wondering if a faculty member meant to say send out more acceptances from the waitlist? Or send out additional acceptances from who didn't hear back yet.Either way, since they said a month during the interview, so i am assuming we should hear back this week.
  11. It's just my assumption. I noticed that unless the program has rolling admissions or have the interviews in different months, the program notifies all the accepted applicants first, then the denied applicants last. Honestly, i really wish that Wayne sends out another batch of acceptance and waitlist tomorrow or later. Wayne is my first choice program.
  12. Sigh... i guess the applicants who didn't hear back today got rejected.
  13. @PAtobe567. No, I didn't call the program. So nothing's official until we hear back from them. Hopefully we hear back something good tomorrow. :)
  14. I didn't get anything from the program yet. it seems that the program also sent out emails to wait listed applicants too. I really hope that they send out additional acceptance/waitlist emails tomorrow or later, but I think it is very unlikely..... Nothing is official until we hear back from them so I try to stay positive and make myself feel better. Good luck!
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