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  1. Welch Allyn Opth/Otoscope $475 Welch Allyn Sphygmomanometer with Adult, Peds cuff $175 Both in excellent condition - message for pictures, info Free shipping in continental US
  2. I definitely think so, as long as it is professional. I plan on wearing a blue blouse and black suit :)
  3. Does anyone know if there will be additional interview dates for this program?
  4. FYI-- I spoke to someone in the office today and they said that confirmation emails are sent after CASPA applications are processed by the office. They are currently processing applications submitted in September
  5. beached2PA

    UF Class of 2018

    Ditto! I was verified 8/20 and received an email confirming receipt of my app the 2nd week of sept and nothing since then.
  6. I applied in Sept and my CASPA was verified in August. Still haven't received an email that they received my application :(

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