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  1. Congrats to those of you that are getting the call. I'm hoping to get into the next interview cycle.
  2. We've heard of one person from our group so far got the call. Sent from my SM-N920V using Tapatalk
  3. Hey Kelly, My understand was Friday is the day they'll let us ask know. They're making decisions not just I us that interviewed this last week, but also the people that were waitlisted... Some of those folks that have been waitlisted have been waiting for months to hear if they got in or not. Sent from my SM-N920V using Tapatalk
  4. Julia, I sent you a pm. Do you see it? Tom Sent from my SM-N920V using Tapatalk
  5. Awesome Jeremy! What time are you getting in? and where are you staying?
  6. Hello all! I'm going to get a group text going at some point today so we can all be on the same page. I noticed the taptalk notifications are a little shaky at best. Throw down your name and digits if you want to be in the group chat. I'm pretty excited to meet all of you and get this process going. One week 'til the big day!!!!! Tom R. P.S. I'm off work Tuesday 1/17 and if any of you would like to tour around the city that day or the 18th, I could be your guide. I live in Northgate (North Seattle) and I still enjoy exploring my city. For you Tacoma applicants (which includes me), if you do not know much about Tacoma, I grew up there and can fill you in with all the great things about "the City of Destiny" as well. :)
  7. Hello Everyone! I too got an interview on the 19th and I am curious, is this for applicants for the Tacoma and Anchorage sites? Did any of you apply for the masters program? I applied to just the Tacoma program. Anyways, I'd love to meet all of you before the interview, it looks like we're planning the day before, which works for me. I live in North Seattle, so if I can help any of you out in anyway let me know. Just contact me on here via pm. If any of you live in the area and would like to meet up soon let me know, my schedule is fairly flexible. Good luck to you all! Tom Riordan
  8. For Tacoma class #5 it's Jan 19th. Sent from my SM-N920V using Tapatalk
  9. How about we meet upp the first week of the new year? I'm down for Monday the 2nd, Tuesday 3rd, Friday 6th, or Saturday 7th.
  10. Hello all! I just received an invite to attend the Jan. 19th MEDEX interview. Anyone else? Tom R.
  11. Good Morning Everyone, Yesterday I attended the re-applicant information session at UW in Seattle (March 23rd) and I would like to compare notes and find out if any questions get answered. I fell victim to the CASPA mess last fall, but I do have several areas that I can improve in. Anyways, I am going to jot down some of my notes and takeaways from the session. Feel free to critique and add some points. PLEASE call me out if I'm wrong. Academic Prereqs - STAYING THE SAME!!! :) -Consider taking recommended classes biochem genetic social science -Talk to / Shadow a PA Know roles of PA in different specialtiesThis one received many underlines for me because I work with a bunch of PAs so I did not feel the need to shadow anybody.. certainly room for improvement their. Apparently, this was a sizable area that people fell short during the interview; not clearly knowing the role of a PA in different specialties. -CASPA's Mess CASPA failed a lot of us this last fall 100 applicants were left unverified until November because they did not click the button "verify".... This is promised to be hemmed up by the hiring of 60 plus people Positive note - Allegedly, are caspa info will be retained for next year except references. Even verified transcripts will not need to be resubmitted ​-Spokane will be Master's only -Pay attention to current issues affection PAs and healthcare I have more minor thing. Please post what you have!
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