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  1. Hello all, I realize this is an old topic, and I may not get any replies... But I have been accepted into the UMU PA Studies class of 2016-2018. I will be moving to Alliance in April from over three hours away. I am completely unfamiliar with the area, and was wondering if anybody could recommend an apartment complex or an area of town that is safe and somewhat affordable. I've been getting a lot of mixed reviews about living in Alliance. Any information you have would be very helpful. Thanks, and I hope things are going well for all of you!
  2. Thanks, I got the email today! I joined the group. I'm excited to meet everyone!
  3. Me too! It seems so far away! Is there a Facebook group or a page on here for people who have been accepted into our class? I haven't found one yet.
  4. Thank you! I was ecstatic when I got off the phone with Director Ekey. Will you be attending?
  5. I interviewed on December 2nd and received an acceptance phone call the next afternoon. Good luck to everyone still interviewing, the faculty and students there are so kind!
  6. I'm also at the Microtel. It is a very nice place. The rooms look brand new. I was surprised at how tiny my room is, but then I remembered it is called a "Micro" tel and thought that should have been my first clue. haha. Overall very nice place and the staff is quite friendly!
  7. I am also staying at the Microtel! Haha. Seems to be a popular choice. My slot is at noon, too. Thanks for the well wishes! Good luck to you, too!
  8. Hi Emyc63! I'm staying in Marietta tonight as well. I am in love with this place. It is so beautiful and the people are quite friendly. Good luck tomorrow! Do you have a morning or afternoon slot?
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