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  1. Wow. I have a feeling I'll be lucky to even get 10% (and it's a pretty good benefits package that I'm leaving). Thanks for the feedback. I'll push for a bit more after hearing this.
  2. For those working in EM that have moved from a full-time hourly rate to a PRN hourly rate at the same facility and same position, what is a reasonable increase in pay to ask for? I've been there for about 5 years full time (also haven't had a raise in 3 years). I know what other EM PRN gigs pay in my area, but my question is specifically how much more to expect when transitioning in the same position. Thanks in advance!
  3. How are you doling? Did you ever get your AK license or start doing locums work?

    1. NCEMPA

      Not yet. Hoping to get in to that this summer. If you hear of any opportunities let me know.

    2. CAdamsPAC

      Wilderness Medical Staffing has multiple positions across Alaska  https://wildernessmedicalstaffing.com/

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      (907) 399-0909
  4. Can anyone recommend a good emergency medicine ultrasound course other than the SEMPA course? I got a taste of US at a conference this summer but have very little experience with it. Wound love to delve a bit deeper. Would also love to hear anyone's experience with the courses. Thanks in advance!
  5. I was wondering if I could get some advice from folks with EM experience on what is a fair request for an annual raise. I've been with my current company (hospital) for 1.5 years but was with the independent group that worked for that hospital for 1.5 years prior to this (essentially I've been in the same ED for 3 years, we got out by the hospital 1.5 years ago). I've never received or requested any pay increase in the 1.5 years I've been categorized as a hospital employee. We're purely hourly, no RVU bonuses. I was wondering what a typical annual raise would be for an ED PA, and plan on askin
  6. Has anyone here ever worked a position that was purely telemedicine (ie. completely remote/practicing from anywhere). I was wondering if any of these U.S. positions are feasible to do from overseas in locations where PAs have not been adopted into the healthcare system locally. Some of the job descriptions sound like they could potentially be done completely remotely. Curious if anyone has had experience with this and what it was like.
  7. Do you have any experience with any of these avenues? Any thoughts or anecdotes?
  8. They hire PAs for concert standby? I figured they'd just have EMS. Is that also on usajobs.org or would that be somewhere else?
  9. I'd be interested to hear and discuss what sort of nontraditional or outside-the-box jobs/gigs folks have done or just know about. EM:RAP did a segment on an MMA fight doctor (ring-side physician) that sounded really interesting except fighting isn't quite up my ally. I've got a few years of EM under my belt and would be interested in hearing other ideas along these lines-- ways to use clinical skills outside of work as a PRN gig. Thanks!
  10. I would swear this was written by me at any given point in my first 6 mo out of school. I'm now a couple years into EM and I promise it does it get better. I also woke up several times a night every night remembering things I should have said or done, worrying about the next day, and generally feeling like I didn't know what I was doing. I spent every shift feeling like I was going to hurt someone or get sued. I think this is a natural experience and it gets so much better as time goes by (although I didn't believe it at the time). Trust your education, your nurses, and obviously your docs. Co
  11. Can anyone recommend any EM conferences other than SEMPA and Essentials of EM? Can't swing either this year for various reasons but would be interested to hear what other folks have liked (or not liked). Thanks in advance! (I should mention I've already completed the EM Boot Camp series, which I highly recommend for those who haven't!)
  12. I did this as well. Went to school in Florida, applied to work all over the country (except Florida). Eventually landed a few in-person interviews for drivable states and a few Skype interviews for farther locations. It was definitely a lot more work compared to my classmates, who it sometimes felt like were handed jobs on their rotations. I applied through every job site I could get my hands on. Eventually got my first choice location (in North Carolina) but an underpaying job. A much better fit at a hospital up the road fell in my lap a few months later and I've been very happy there. If you
  13. Essentials seems to be much more expensive though... ? SEMPA ~$480, EEM ~$900 last I checked
  14. Hey guys, I was wondering if anyone has any advice on working with one's spouse. My husband is an RN, about to join my ER where I've been a PA for a few years. He has prior ER experience and will do great. We're in our early 30s, been married a few years now. I'm a little anxious about it only because it's uncharted territory for us. [side note, another position isn't an option right now, and he's already accepted and excited about it before anyone jumps in and says "just don't"... ;) ] Thanks for any insight!
  15. It's hard enough to figure out if people are shady when they put on a good face. If you're getting bad vibes and had that many red flags I'd keep looking around. Not worth the frustration.
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