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  1. Correct. I graduated high school back in 1995 lol. Thank you so much for your reply!
  2. Oh the math I'm ok with, I'm more freaking out about what the advisor said, that it was extremely competitive and I know for a fact when I take my math class it will drop my gpa. I seriously suck at math. In July 2015, I sat down and made an account with Khan Academy, literally started at 1st grade math and worked my way through to college algebra. In October 2015 I took my ACT, and shockingly got a 23 for math lol. Anyway, I assumed that if I don't get accepted into the BSN program, how the heck would I make the cut for PA? I am hyper-analytical. It is one of my worst faults. I ap
  3. Nope, you're not oversimplifying! And I think I will do just that, because quite honestly, RN is not on my radar.
  4. A quick catch up: I'm currently 38, ex military medic, current EMT/NREMT. In 2015 I started my journey to PA school in KY. In early 2016 I started a BS in Emergency Medical Care but was experiencing a high risk pregnancy. By the end of 2016, after delivering my preemie son, I had to withdraw from classes. Relocated to TX in late 2017, finally stable I talked to my university in KY and was able to take 4 classes Spring 2018, while I searched for a local university. Made a 4.0 for all classes, President's Award etc, brought my gpa up to 3.72 for 25 hours. Found a local university with a pre-PA t
  5. I started a B Sc. Emergency Medical Care with paramedic track at my university in Kentucky. After the first year, you take the paramedic level classes and so long as you pass the usual testing, graduate and can take the EMT-P exams. That's a 4 year obviously. There are some EMT-P programs that are 12 months, and I know of two programs that do it in 12 weeks, which quite frankly sounds like a nightmare.
  6. Even after 20 years of working in the medical field (combat medic and then civilian EMT with 911, working in large inner city ERs) I still feel sick watching anything gory on tv, or when people tell "war stories" in the lunch room. But when I've got my hands in it (for lack of a better term), it doesn't phase me. Except chest tube placement. I don't care, I have to hold a wall, sit down or beg to leave. Like John76 mentioned, be aware of the warning signs. You will find as you are exposed to more and more, the less of a trigger it will be.
  7. Yeah I'd say breathe! My university doesn't differentiate between the online or on campus classes (except for cost, they charge an extra $100 per credit hour). However, one cannot take a lab online at my university so I don't know the scoop with that.
  8. Ok I read your reply last night and I thought "Surely she meant to type A...." I'm glad when I logged in this morning it's corrected lol! Congratulations!!
  9. I'm neither a PA yet, nor have I worked at a VA. I feel for the man and I definitely feel for his coworkers. I'm disappointed. As a veteran, with the rest of the story about the VA system here. Actually everywhere. I really want to work for the VA after I'm a PA, I want to help vets. My husband says it will be career suicide if I do, that if I work for the VA no one else will hire me.
  10. This is great news. I'd already been hoping to work for the VA at some point or another.
  11. I'm only at the beginning of my PA journey, but I think everyone has given great advice (as they usually do on here). Pick a major that interests you. If you're challenged and motivated for the courses you take, you will likely get better grades. For example: I was a medic in the army, I also worked for a 911 service as an EMT. I am taking a Bachelor of Science and my major is Emergency Medical Care. The university I attend has pre-professional programs, so I have two advisors. One is in the College of Justice and Safety (and also happens to be on the board for the PA school I want to
  12. Thank you. I guess panic attack is really an exaggeration. I'm not expecting to be perfect but I would like to be competitive. I really appreciate the replies and the reality check!
  13. Thank you so very much I can't tell you how much I appreciate these replies. I'm 36, if I'm lucky I'll finish this B Sc before I'm 40 and apply to the PA school here. Honestly, I felt that a B wouldn't be horrific as long as I could prove that I am consistent or improving. My husband has been a little on the pushy side of I need to be competitive, which I already know, but I honestly don't know if I can maintain the 4.0 especially when I get to the algebra classes because seriously I have the hardest time comprehending that. I will admit that I am fairly certain that my grade suff
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