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  1. Since I’m on the tail end of my clinical year, shoot me a private message and I can answer specifics. I’m in Nashville which is a very diff environment than other rotation sites. If anyone has questions or wants to chat pre interview shoot me a message (take advantage of the fact I’m on an elective right now haha)
  2. OR if you have a buddy who likes to help (not even just my first year buddy but any of the girls I spoke to prior to them getting in or anyone who reaches out) you can have full access to them. Obviously depending on the rotation we’re very busy, but I send my old study guides to my mini first years, text them before and after big exams (like anatomy) and they know I’m always there to talk even though I’m not located in Nashville! It also depends on the first years reaching out to their “senior buddy.” I’m also the weird one who loves to help (hence why I’ve been posting about the program on here since 2017) and also really likes to talk haha
  3. And to piggyback off of Laura, I’m a current second year student who has spoken to many a pre-pa so send me a message if you have any questions as well (esp since I’m almost halfway done with clinicals!) I am MY classes historian haha and last year all of the candidates I spoke to pre-interview got in! I also have gone over personal statements, discuss the program with anyone who wants to hear, and love to chat before interviews and such! I can also speak to some of the many great changes that have occurred in the program since 2017 when Kris Maday took the helm, so ready out to me via private message if you feel so inclined (if they’re general, easier questions I can answer here if y’all tag in it or quote me or however it works haha so I get an alert). Good luck all! -Taylor A
  4. They will explain a lot of this in your Q&A/program discussion parts of the interview with Professors Maday and Koltnow, but the gist is that it was all clerical when we switched from the College of Health Professions to the College of Medicine. At that time, the program was going through program directors like crazy (when I interviewed we didn't even have a program director!) but since Kris Maday is in it for the long haul, he has gotten everything under control. Everything should be sorted out by the time the incoming class begins, and it has no impact on our graduation status, employment opportunities, or ability to sit for the PANCE.
  5. Hi future PA students! UTHSC has just created an instagram targeted towards prospective students (I'll be posting lots of pictures from fun things inside and outside the classroom) and would love it if y'all followed us! Our handle is uthscpaprogram
  6. Hi guys! I'm a current student at UTHSC and we just started an instagram that is geared towards people interested in the program who also want to see what's it's like! We just started it today so we only have one post, but I'll be adding many more! Also there have been 2 facebook live videos on the facebook page UTHSC Physician Assistant Studies that explain the changes in the application process. Please follow our instagram! uthscpaprogram Also if you have questions feel free to DM me there or here :)
  7. I'm so sorry guys :( I wish I could say that I could make them be more efficient in the way they contacted you all but alas...they give me no say. Good luck with all of your other schools and you will end up where you're meant to be!!! Short little plug (I promise my former tutor i'll do this anytime I talk to future students)... Once you start PA school (or even now!) this podcast is SO helpful. My tutor is currently a 1st year ER resident at Wake Forrest and is a freakishly smart alien who continues to tutor people via his podcast. It costs basically nothing per month and you get PDF study guides for each podcast and covers all of the high-yield topics you'll see in classes and on board exams. Check it out and spread the word! There is a short video on the overview page that is him explaining everything https://www.patreon.com/bombsofknowledge Best of luck to you all!!
  8. I wish I could tell you guys something but alas...I know nothing other than they were at a conference and all out of the office last week. They have to all meet as a group to decide so I believe the faculty is all back today and the rest of the week. Calling tomorrow would definitely not be something that would be frowned upon. The main number goes to a receptionist who may not actually know the answer so I’d suggest asking for someone specific like PJ or Maday if she’ll allow you to talk to them. Fingers crossed guys! I was the last group to find out so I feel your pain! My crop didn’t get calls either, we all got emails which was even more nerve wracking!!
  9. Sorry i didn't see this! They don't tell me anything anymore lol as I just tell them that I want to make the decisions so that I like everyone haha. Trust me, I try to get info out of them but they are not telling me much :(
  10. Sorry I didn't reply to earlier messages! Yeah, they wanted to wait until after the last interview but they meet after each interview date to discuss that crop of people. I don't know exactly how many spots are left, and I think they want to just insure they have the best crop to choose from who will all jive well together. (I personally said that they all have to mesh well with me so i should be in the meetings...but PJ said no lol). There have been a lot of exams and meetings and such this week so I think the committee has been pretty overloaded with outside stuff as well, and Monday is a holiday, but I hope they get back to y'all soon! If it helps, the same thing happened to me last year, where I had to wait an extra 2 weeks due to a conference they had to attend and it was TORTURE!! Think of it as they have met SO MANY GREAT APPLICANTS that they NEED the extra time to pick the final group! Better than having the decision made easily because they are settling or that there isn't a lot of competition. I also think they are trying to build up a good group of wait-listed students so that we are guaranteed to have 30 start in January. The past few years people have dropped their slot too late for someone to fill it. Keep your heads up and just know, as I've said before and as cliche as it sounds, you WiLL end up at the right place for you! If not here, it will be elsewhere! It took me and many of my classmates 2 cycles to get into PA school, and my second time around I applied to 29 places! It will all work out and all of the effort, stress, disappointments and successes of the process will be worth it once you're in PA school, but will also amplify, making graduation all the sweeter!! (at least that's what i try to tell myself...) GOOD LUCK TO ALL!!!! -Taylor
  11. I'm not sure if they do, but since things have been ever evolving, you'd have nothing to lose by contacting them to ask. I'd suggest calling the main PA school phone number to ask if it's even possible and then they'll tell you who you should contact if they do indeed give feedback. Don't let this get you down! Cheesy as it sounds, everything happens for a reason and you'll end up at the program that is right for you!
  12. If you want to chat specifics send me a message! I've talked a few interviewees and some of them got accepted! I've got that inside scoop from having done this before and seeing the people they accepted for the current cohort
  13. Exactly this! It's all stupid admin stuff, the curriculum is fine and from personal experience the faculty is great! It was also tough because in addition to the move to the college of medicine, the former program director quit towards the end of last year so Kris Maday, the current program director didn't start until January when the current cohort began so he couldn't fix what was messed up before he got there.
  14. As of wed they said they've sent out 27 acceptances. However, that was essentially the case last year and I was the last interview. They took 3 of us from that interview and we didn't have 30 people at the start. People drop out if they get into schools that were their first choice as late as December. So don't focus on that, focus on the interview and even if you're waitlisted (or alternate as they call it) don't be discouraged, you could get admitted later on if people decline their seat. You only have 3 weeks to confirm it otherwise they assume it's a no from you.
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