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  1. Hello everyone! I am asking for a bit of advice as to who I should be asking for LOR's from. Please let me know what sources you think would be best/what seems to be most desirable for schools! Aside from that, I have a bit of a problem. I completed my PCH at a nursing home and my supervisor has since left (and is not able to be contacted). I was planning to get a LOR written by her, so now I am not sure what to do. I am planning to get one written by a current PA and another by my lab supervisor (she is a faculty member at my university and I have worked under her 6 hours a week for
  2. Just opening a forum to hear from people who have applied/gotten into PA school straight from undergrad... I know this tends to be rare and I am hoping to hear advice from anyone who has! I have all of the necessary pre-reqs/hours/volunteer/research experience but am still trying to learn a bit more about what it takes to get in right away! Thanks!
  3. Wow that is really good to know! When did you apply? I will have the 1000 completed by the time I apply so hopefully I still have a chance. Do you have any other recommendations for someone looking at Wake? Very jealous you got in!
  4. Thank you for your advice! Would this still be seen as very weak even though I would be applying straight from college? I am nervous that I have lower chances because I am so young/haven't actually had time to work and gain further experience.
  5. Hello everyone! I know this question has been asked before but I am hoping to gain some insight into what my chances are of getting into PA school. I am a young applicant, currently a junior in college, and looking to apply in the upcoming year. My top choice is Wake Forest and I plan to apply to around 10 schools within the southeast. My stats: GPA: 3.69 GRE: 314 (retaking one time and hoping for a tad higher) PCH: Will have over 1,000 by the time of application -800 working as CNA and Med Aide in nursing home -250 interning under a Dermatologist Volunteer Hours: 200 -50 fro
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