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  1. 3 cycles over 4 years. Took a gap between 2nd -3rd cycle to really work on my GPA.
  2. As a low GPA applicant I applied to 10 schools from this list. I was denied an interview to all but 1 school on the list. I applied to >20 schools and received 3 interview invites, 1 from the list and 2 others not on the list. I received an acceptance from a school not on this list. This list is a great starting point for low GPA applicants but most schools have similar prerequisites to this “low GPA” list. Many low GPA applicants have no doubt been accepted to the schools on the list and many have been accepted to other schools not listed here. Like others have said, simply meeting the GPA requirement is not enough in this competitive environment.
  3. Congrats! When were you verified and acknowledged? I submitted toward the end of May and haven’t heard anything.
  4. Everyone else heard back on Tuesday’s. I would expect to hear back tomorrow.
  5. Congrats! When did you receive the call and when did you submit?
  6. Since it’s self paced you can complete it as fast as you’re able to. As for Bridgeport accepting the credit that’s something you need to ask them.
  7. Goodluck to those interviewing this Saturday and the 15th! Don’t stress it, they will make you feel welcome and relaxed.
  8. Compared to my GPA yours is stellar and I was just accepted. Work on your PCE, get great LoRs and take extra classes post-bac for A’s.
  9. Accepted!!! Congrats to everyone else and goodluck to those interviewing in the future!
  10. It seems that they did not require Casper last year. I took the test on 7/25 and it takes approx. 3 weeks to score. I’m guessing invites will not be sent out till next week or the week after.
  11. Currently at 8 weeks as of today for me. I know others are >8 weeks and no word yet.
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