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  1. Hi! It’s to hold your seat! Without it, you can’t attend since they would give your spot to someone else.
  2. There isn't yet! My year will most likely make one for you and send the link via email like the year before me did for us last year
  3. No MMIs, 2 one-on-one interviews and a group interview
  4. Hi! The Q&A usually was around 7pm and lasted about 2 hours last year. But we have class till 8pm that night in the room you would be in so it might be different this year! Hi! It was 9am-1pm last year.
  5. Hello, I received a supplemental request today and was wondering if you know dates for the first interviews in July?

    Thanks very much!

    1. icjerseyveeb324


      Hi! Unfortunately, I don’t know the exact dates. If you just received the supplemental, then the deadline is probably sometime in July. I would think it would be closer to the end of July if you’re the first batch to get the supplemental essay!

    2. CiC96


      Thank you, I am doing some traveling and was curious about timing. I appreciate your time!

  6. My program gave us an iPad with keyboard and pen. I use it with Notability and I love it! I can write/draw/type onto the notes, add a page etc. Also super helpful that I can record it on that app and wherever I type/write at that point of the recording it highlights so you can follow along later. Basically all of my classmates use their iPads with other Notability or OneDrive.
  7. Hi! I’m a first year at Weill Cornell in NYC (not Ithaca, NY). The program itself is in midtown Manhattan but the hospital with the medical school where you have some classes, clinical rotations, and anatomy etc is a little more uptown in the Upper East Side (about 15 min subway commute from the midtown site). I’m actually from the NYC area, but went to undergrad in Miami. I actually returned to NYC because I saw my life and future here because there’s so much to do, see, and eat (especially eat haha). New York is a great state to be PA and there are so many major hospitals in NYC that are always looking to hire PAs (especially surgical PAs from a surgical program). I personally love it here, but keep in mind that living costs in NYC are much higher than other parts of the country (a small studio near the program is at least $1800/month). Definitely do your research on the area, as you are. Know what you want and what your deal breakers are because PA school is so stressful and busy. There’s also a book that really helped me out when I was researching schools: https://www.amazon.com/Applicants-Manual-Physician-Assistant-Programs/dp/1976073847 Good luck!
  8. The GPA requirement at Cornell is at least a B but the average class GPA for the class before me was 3.6. I think it depends on other criteria too ie GRE, extracurricular activities, personal statement, and *patient care experience. It is hard to say, but I don’t think it would hurt to apply. You never know!
  9. Based on CASPA... cGPA 3.7 sGPA 3.6 GRE 311 200 hours shadowing (2 PAs, 1 neurosurgeon MD, and 1 nephrologist MD) 2500 hours patient care experience (EMT, medical mission trips, volunteering in hospitals, ER scribe)
  10. Yes with the supplemental attached. You then mail the supplemental. I suggest you get a tracking number for the mail, just in case they lose it like they did mine!
  11. I submitted mid-late May (was waiting for my transcript to be final) and got a supplemental around mid June. I submitted that by July 1, but apparently it got lost in the mail. I submitted another one in early/mid October (after I called and verified with them that they never got my supplemental) and got an interview in late October. Turnaround for post-interview typically 2 weeks.
  12. Hi all! I am a current first year PA student (2nd semester didactic now RIP). Please feel free to shoot me any questions if you have any!
  13. Giving up my seat to go to a program closer to home. Someone on the wait list should be getting a call soon. Good luck!
  14. So I have been accepted to another program, so I’m giving up my seat. Good luck!
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