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  1. Giving up my seat to go to a program closer to home. Someone on the wait list should be getting a call soon. Good luck!
  2. So I have been accepted to another program, so I’m giving up my seat. Good luck!
  3. Thank you! cGPA 3.7 sGPA 3.4 (honors though). EMT 1000 hours, international mission trip and hospital volunteering 500, scribe 1000. GRE 320. It was also my second time applying.
  4. Hi all! I currently am having a fork in the road moment, which is not a bad thing. I got into Rosalind Franklin and Seton Hall so far and am waiting to hear back from Cornell in the next couple days (would still like to entertain the possibility though). I grew up in NJ, went to college in Miami, and now I'm back because I love NJ and the surround NYC area so much. I definitely see my career and life here, so I would like to make sure I will be able to come back with a job. Upside is that the company I currently work for hire back a lot of PAs that started out in my position. Please help me decide and add in any pros/cons! Rosalind Franklin Pros: 24 months, cheaper housing, cheaper tuition, same strong beliefs (diversity and support for women in medicine), faculty was all very welcoming and genuine, friend who goes there, facility, associated with a medical school, PANCE pass rate average 98%, interdisciplinary practice Cons: rotations mainly in Illinois (not really Chicago though), Wisconsin, and Indiana, no out of state rotations really Seton Hall Pros: home in NJ, brand new facility/campus that just opened this year that is AH-MAZING, I'm close friends with alums of the program who can attest to its integrity, network within NJ, hospital affiliation, PANCE pass rate average 99%, faculty also super nice and genuine, rotations out of the country Cons: 33 months with summer breaks, 110K just for tuition (compared to 70-80K), living costs in NJ generally, starts in August Cornell Pros: reputation with the network, amazing clinical rotation sites, full dissection cadaver lab, familiarity with all the sites and having housing with family in each borough of NYC, surgically focused (if I decide surgery is for me), 26 months, 90K tuition (30K for 3 years even though 26 months is not even close to 3 years), own hospital and medical school, PANCE pass rate average 98%, starts in March Cons: students' gripes about fighting for resources with med students, space, and organization of the program; cost of living in NYC, almost none of the core faculty are PAs, commute between PA classroom and the medical school (add up costs for transportation via subway), some pretentious people, slightly dimmer vibe than with the other two
  5. Got my acceptance call this morning around 10:45am from an unknown number!
  6. Hi all! So I submitted my application 5/17 and received my supplemental 7/3. I have not heard anything after, so should i be concerned? Thank you!
  7. hey guys! congrats on getting interviews! I'm also interviewing 10/3 and flying in tomorrow around noon. I'm staying at Fairfield downtown. I would be down for a meet up!
  8. I got an email saying that the 9/17 flight is cancelled! I'm rescheduling for 10/3!
  9. Hey congrats and same! I would definitely be down to meet up ?
  10. Got a call for an interview yesterday around 2pm!
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