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  1. Hi everyone! So I graduated with a bachelors in biology in 2013 and since then I've unsuccessfully applied to PA school 3 times. Since then I've been working on getting more health care experience - I worked as a medical scribe for about 2 years and now I've been working as an MA for about 6 (some of the time I was working as a scribe/MA). Life stuff happened that kept me from continuing to apply / taking more classes/ etc but I'm coming around the time where I need to stop working as an MA and actually go back to school. Nevertheless, its been a while since I graduated and now a lo
  2. Last time I asked one of their advisors in person she said they don't take it into consideration at all. This was last year. I don't know if that has changed since because she said a lot of "This might change next year".
  3. I once saw a Miami Dade PA student doing their ED rotation at Memorial Regional Hospital. But that was only once and it was about a year ago. However, I do know for a fact that two previous graduates of MDC currently work as PA's in that ED's SSU unit so they're probably open to students from MDC. They may not get as many applicants since it's in Broward
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