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  1. Be open to knew concepts, socialize, reach out to professors when you need help or even just to talk and build relationships. Sleep, a lot. You will definitely lose sleep during didactic year. And remember, everyone struggles, so don't get down on yourself if you don't do as well as you would've liked! Good luck
  2. Someone said test her for HIV but she has none of the symptoms?
  3. abs neut meaning ANC. A little bit more reader friendly: over a 6 month period WBC: 2.91 -> 2.61k/uL Platelet: 253 -> 181k/uL (still within range) Neut%: 44.7 -> 38% Abs Neut (ANC): 1.30 ->0.99k/uL Lymph%: 45.4 -> 44.4% Abs Lymph: 1.32 -> 1.16k/uL Mono%: 5.8 -> 7.7% Abs Mono: 0.17 -> 0.20k/uL Eosin %: 3.1 -> 8.8% Abs Eosin: 0.09 -> 0.23k/uL Baso %: 1.0 -> 1.1% Abs Baso: Unchanged at 0.03k/uL
  4. 8404PA - I'm ruling out Eosinophilic leukemia just because she has no fever, muscle aches, cough, SOB, etc.
  5. Right, so she had a previous history of iron deficiency in high school which was treated. Now at 24, her MCV and H&H, etc. were all over the chart on month 1. She was put on ferrous sulfate 325mg one tablet daily for 6 months. She had her blood drawn at month 3 to if the anemia was improving with the pills, and was kept on the the tx for another 3 months, which brought her in for her 6 month blood draw that I have listed the results to above. Her RBC, H&H, MCV, MCHC, MCV, MPV are all within normal range now and she is off the ferrous sulfate. Ferritin levels were drawn and they were fine. Menstruation used to be very heavy but has gotten lighter throughout the years. No inflammation. She was recently tested for celiac. Results were negative. She believes she has "some sort of IBS." Bowel movements have not changed. The information may be scattered, so I apologize! I have been going through this for what seems like eons and I can't figure it out.
  6. Normal appetite. Has gradually lost 77 pounds over the past 7 years through exercise and portion control. Denies recent travel. Low on iron (perhaps through her diet)
  7. 24 y/o female with h/o iron deficiency. Had a CBC with Diff. In 6 months, Baso increased 1.0-1.1%. Eosinophil increased from 3.1%-8.8%. Lymph decreased from 45.4%-44.4%. ABS neut% decreased from 1.30 - 0.99. . Platelet count has steadily been decreasing from 253 month 1 to 197 month 3 (she had wisdom tooth surgery a week before the draw) to 181 at month 6. WBC has also decreased from 2.91 - 2.61. She was being treated for her iron deficiency and RBC values/h&h look good. No other history of health problems or trauma. The only medications she was on at the time was her ferrous sulfate 325mg once daily and she used some ear drops. Not a smoker or a drinker. Denies recent illnesses. No blood in urine or stool. Not pregnant. Extremely stressed out and low on sleep at the time of the last draw. Based on lab values, the only things out of range are abs neut and WBC. Eosinophil is at 8.8% but abs eosinophil is normal... Why is WBC decreasing but eosinophil increasing? Platelet count is still within normal range but the drop has been extremely rapid, IMO. Cutoff for normal range for the lab is 150. She dropped from 253 to 181 in 6 months. WBC has been low since the start (which she was told by a previous provider not to worry about) but it's continuing to drop which is concerning, especially with no other signs or symptoms. I have no clue on how to approach this. Any insight??
  8. I used that waiver last year and it only took a few days for CASPA to get back to me, but that was because I applied early. It was a Godsend. For anyone else who may be reading this in the future, apply for this waiver (and do it early)!
  9. Hey sunny! It's not bad to take some time off to work on your clinical experience (or GPA, etc.). This is probably a good thing as it will make you a stonger applicant. You can always mention (at interviews or in your personal statement) that you took a few years off to get some hands on experience which exposed you to x, taught you y, and showed you z. I interviewed at 3 schools in PA.
  10. I'm way too excited!!! I utilized (and still browse through) these boards and have gotten a lot of feedback and had a lot of questions answered throughout my application process. So I thought I'd return the favor to everyone going through this cycle or who plans to down the road or who has already been through it with no success (I have experience with this - twice). Good luck!
  11. Ultimately, it's where you can envision yourself being. Edit: if you have the opportunity of going to a program where you feel like you're at home, you can't really go wrong unless the PANCE pass rate is awful
  12. The first time I applied, I was offered an interview in late May and the program started a couple months later. I had gotten my plane ticket and hotel, but a couple days before I was set to leave, they emailed me saying that their seats were filled and I would more than likely be waitlisted. I had quite a few outstanding prereqs, no HCE and no shadowing hours. So I declined the interview and I don't regret it. If you're ok with missing work, then I would recommend going. Even if you don't get accepted, it'll be good experience and maybe you'll get some feedback in case you were to reapply and have an interview early on in the cycle. If seats are not filled and your stats are competitive, then who knows, you might get accepted.
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