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  1. Wait on results...it says that even before you take exam.....(when you registered for the rest a certification number was created)
  2. last year, i stayed at hotel hi-ho in bridgeport and took an uber to my interview. pretty easy. worked out perfectly. the only downside is that i didn't get to scope out the building until i showed up to my interview. save the money on the rental and take uber, you will be fine
  3. I do not want to give away what will happen on interview day and i know certain aspects of the interview are not the same as last year. That being said, just be yourself and expect to talk a lot with everyone! There are a number of people in our class that interviewed with a bunch of others in our class of 34 (so you never know who you will be meeting that day! probably future roommates and study buddies!)
  4. As a current student, I think they offered interviews earlier because there were more applications than they had anticipated. I think some faculty members had mentioned adding additional interview dates to accommodate for this. They want to interview all qualified applicants. Rolling basis means they will admit students directly after interviewing until all spots are filled. From my understanding, Sacred Heart waits until all applicants have interviewed and then will decide on a class. Just be patient! and good luck!
  5. Maybe they are waiting to see how many students accept the seat and put down a deposit. The deposit is due 2/10. So there's still some more waiting to do
  6. does sacred heart provide graduate health insurance? because i cannot find anything on their website on that
  7. I talked with Professor Pomeranz. I love how different people called us!
  8. yes, i got in. Thank you! i am actually one of those candidates that is now choosing between two schools. I have had the deposit at another school down since last month, but sacred heart is one of my top choices, so I think i will be accepting my seat and placing another deposit there. yea, i was an EMT for 2 years, but being a scribe is nice and I have a lot more interaction with PAs than in my previous position.
  9. I could not have said it any better. the tantrum that I have just read shocks me because most people are usually not that negative. applying to PA school is difficult and as a re-applicant myself I have worked to strengthen my application. Yes, I started as an EMT but am currently a scribe in the emergency department because you really learn a lot from the two backgrounds and I am lucky to have experienced both. so it is not really the amount of the hours but the experience and what you can bring to the table. and mm23, stay positive!! they have not even requested the seat deposit yet, so
  10. I just got the call!!! Actually i missed it, so I called back. Accepted :)
  11. Oh ok. I know who you are. We talked about how i had just gone to Disneyland the day before the interview..haha
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