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  1. Basically I have 4 W's on my transcript right now and am facing an incomplete. I will be applying next year to a PA program and am concerned about my transcript. For the first W I will admit I dropped the class because I was taking AnP and didn't realize what I was getting myself into (but this is before I decided on applying to PA). The other 3 have to do with legitimate reasons, first my mother became ill and had to be bed ridden for more than a year and I was her only primary caregiver. I also had to deal with being a witness in a court case where I was being threatened by the opposing party and authorities at the time did not take the threats seriously. Now I'm dealing with another one of mother's surgeries and also dealing with family issues. I have documentation for everything, however the W's are in science classes. My GPA is still pretty high (3.5) and I do have volunteer hands on care. I'm just wondering if admissions boards see the downwards trend and would take it as I don't take college seriously enough. If any of you have any advice to explain this situation I would greatly appreciate it.
  2. Thank you so much for your replies, I'll start looking into any other requirements I am lacking. If anyone can answer this, would working as a mental health specialist count as hands on experience? I would be working with patients who have a mental illness of some sort. I'm not sure if this would fulfill hands on experience. If it wouldn't would it be better to get CNA or EMT training and use that instead?
  3. Recently I've decided to pursue the path of becoming a PA, however I am in need of a few pointers in getting the right direction from here. I currently have a 3.5 GPA and 4.0 in science GPA (however I have only taken a handful). I'm hoping to graduate with a 3.7GPA. It would have been higher by now but I had to deal with a few very hard family and personal matters which hindered my GPA for one semester. My major is a bachelor of science in psychology. I'm well aware that it would have been better to have a science degree, but I've heard you can get in with any major as long as you have requirements filled. I have a bunch of volunteering hours outside of mental health (community events etc), and some shadowing from a PA. As for a letter of recommendation, I already have one from a professor. Also have a few extra curricular activities with the national leadership society. My main problem is that I'm lacking on hands on experience with patients. I'm not sure what jobs would help fulfill that requirement with my unfinished degree. One medical student recommended to start as a medical scribe. If needed I can take a year off after I finish my BS in psychology and work as an assistant in psychology. I'm just very unsure where to get most of this hands on experience without getting some sort of medical certification (which I'm not opposed to). Another problem is that I'm from a rural place in the US, so I'm not sure if schools would look down on that aspect. As you can probably tell I'm mostly interested in mental health. I like psychology, however I found myself drawn more to the medical aspects rather than just therapeutic methods. Right now I have around 2 years left to build any lacking experience for applying. That's calculating in the time to take classes that are required for applying. If any of you guys have any extra tips you can give me that would be great!
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