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  1. I am not usually on PA Forum so forgive me if this was already covered. A friend sent me this story. What are people supposed to think when we call ourselves Assistants and tell people daily that we require supervision? BTW, the new Virgina law is collaborative for PAs so you could have pointed that out. We use words like "delegate", assistant" and "supervision" or supervising as part of our normal language and then are astonished when people throw those same words back at us. Words matter. Definitions matter. What do you refer to your SP as? My partner? My supervisor? My colleague? How
  2. Hi My Colleagues: Firstly, let me say thank you to all that supported my candidacy. A serious thank you. I ran because I was at the end of my career and still had the desire to give something back to my profession. It has given me much although I never really asked for anyting. That's what happens when you get involved. For those of you that really want change, get off your backsides and let's make it happen. When the NPs (who I like BTW,) have 42 states with full practice and we have none, don't blame me or the AAPA-blame us all. Each and every one of us. Personally I have been ta
  3. Dear Colleague: The election is just a day away, and this is your chance to help shape the future of the PA profession! I am asking for your help and support. I am fortunate to be running for AAPA President-Elect. I will maintain the forward momentum our profession needs right now. Yes, I truly believe we need all our leaders to tell you this. We need to keep this momentum up. I have been the voice fighting for PAs for decades and I have the experience and the drive to carefully navigate us through these changes. We need to have equality wi
  4. Nothing that has physician in it. MP works. I'd rather study it with a PR firm and do it right. Dave
  5. Sorry the above should start out Bryant University, not Lock Haven. Not sure why I wrote thet but don't know how to edit it. Dave
  6. I posted this on the Huddle. Ok, Bryant University as we are people based in science, let's take a look at the evidence. 1. All major healthcare funding foundations and all major healthcare consumer groups feel that NPs deserve full practice by virtue of their education. Even the Institute of Medicine, a full physician group says they do. I would presume if asked that the same groups would agree that we do unless our PA graduates are inferior to the NP graduate? Do you believe this is so? If you do in what way? 2. Full practice, if you have been listening is much about being able to regulate
  7. One HUGE difference. You are not JUST an employee, in our case, you are a slave. An indentured servant could buy their freedom-so far, you can not. Not even sure if your own specialty or state organization would be for it, even if you could? We have to change our paradigm. Let me explain..... The flip side to being an employee is that you learn the business you are in and can COMPETE someday if you do not like the way you are treated. You can ask for a partnership or start that store, or electrical contracting business, or graphics design firm and do BETTER than the dumb jerk that would not m
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