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  1. I work in Workman's Comp and I have done ER prior to this... My current job satisfaction is 2-3.... I had a patient call the cops on me last week while in the exam room b/c I "assaulted her" by checking her patellar reflex. 2-3 b/c I love my co workers and the coffee is pretty good.
  2. DermGinger - I think it's funny how you found us by googling "what if i don't want to be a PA anymore".... That's the same way I came across this forum. In fact, my web history is "non clinical roles" "what to do after a degree in physician assistant studies"... You get the point What is your current situation? Are you in a financial position to step back from the profession for a while as you search for a better option? I think it's a really great sign that you were able to say "you love dermatology" and maybe the solution is a different practice .. Where are you located?
  3. she would go anywhere but lives up north in morristown
  4. I"m not sure if this is allowed on this forum but I'll ask anyway.. I practice in FL but i have a friend who is need of a foot and ankle surgeon in NJ. Can anyone recommend ? She is willing to travel to any part of the state
  5. Hi there! I am a PA in Florida but I grew up in NJ - I have a friend that needs either a podiatrist or ortho surgeon .. she has history of repair to 5th metatarsal and "some other bone" she doesn't remember. Can anyone recommend someone? NJ rocks
  6. I didn't do a lot of oncology urology ... so yes i took a lot of call in ED... Urology wasn't terrible but they were bought out by a larger group and dropped my salary by 15k so all of the mid levels left (five of us). I should look into a wellness clinic thanks for the advice - maybe a different patient would change my attitude. Thank you everyone for your advice.
  7. This probably has a lot to do with Workman's Comp but I don't like listening to a patient's "story" b/c i find more often than not it is 50 % fact and 50% bullshit. Every week I see them for follow up and every week they are making no progress... I get badgered by employers , insurance companies, etc. I've just had enough. I felt this way in Emergency Medicine as well..... I'm honestly afraid to try a different speciality b/c when I walk in the room I am already angry before the patient even speaks... That can't be healthy or safe for anyone. Do you know of any career aptitude tests that are reputable ? I have done a few free ones online.
  8. To answer some of the above questions... I'm in my early thirties and I am married and my husband is a CRNA so we do just fine. I have less than 50k in loans so from a financial standpoint I can afford to go part time for a period of time. I guess I just need to do more research and maybe shadow some people in different medical related fields. I appreciate all the feedback. I'm afraid I have a case of the "grass is always greener" syndrome and i hate to commit to something that involves time and money and then not be satisfied with it.... why can't life be as simple as when we were 5 - play, eat , nap.
  9. I have worked in Emergency Medicine, Urology (inpatient/outpatient) and now Workman comp. I have had good feed back from my SP's and have remained friendly with all of them including the staff .. so I don't think it is a issue with the SPs or office . It is the patient-practictioner relationship that I don't enjoy. I know the fields I have been in attract a certain type of patient but I don't know if I could be happier in another clinic. At the same time, I'm a realist and understand that this will undoubtably happen in any speciality at times and I'm not planning on just throwing in the towel without a real game plan but I was just trying to understand if it is me - I'm just not a good fit for this type of work or field.
  10. I know there are many posts on here about PAs who are less than satisfied in their current positions and even PAs that are reconsidering clinical medicine. I feel like after 6 years I have realized , albeit too late, that I was not “meant to do this”….. what i’m really trying to figure out is if anyone knows of someone who left medicine - and went on to a different field… back to school… something entirely different??? I’m sure those same people are probably not still logging into this site but if anyone knows of someone who would be willing to speak with me I would greatly appreciate it… I’m at my “medicine” breaking point and would love someone to bounce ideas off of... Thanks - this is not an easy thing to admit so please spare me the harsh criticism - i have criticized myself enough.
  11. I recently came across a patient in my practice that reported having burning mouth syndrome.... Does anyone have any success or experience in treating this? She is 65 year old female, no significant PMH, negative GI work up.
  12. For those of you that perform DOT exams I have a few questions (new to this).... Patient on oral medications for diabetes with glycosuria ...do you get a finger stick or do A1C ? The patient usually has to pay for this service and I have had a few refuse... Would you just give them a 3 month card then ?? Also, for sleep apnea ... If patient has high BMI and neck circumference > 17 do you automatically send for sleep study (as my company suggests) or do you consider co morbidities and th en issue 3 month card or have you extended it to 6 months? I work with a very angry, disgruntled population and they don't take too kindly to a young "lady" telling them they need to make these scheduled follow ups. Also with CAD - and previous stent or bypass surgery - if they don't provide annual ETT or echo results do you put their physicals on hold or give them 3 months to get this stuff?? I feel like there is such a grey area and every provider in my group does things a little differently (all NPs by the way). thanks in advance...
  13. I feel your pain! I did ER for 4+ years in a similar setting before quitting .. I feel like i had my soul sucked out of me.. I wound up very jaded . I now work in Urgent Care/Occupational Medicine - mostly b/c that was the only thing available at the time with decent hours and I am not much happier. So my advise is to choose your next career wisely. Really make a list of what you think you can tolerate and what you absolutely cannot. I hope you find a satisfying job. Keep us posted!
  14. I am also interested in non clinical work and would love to explore other options.
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