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  1. The process is simple. I cannot tell you details. But be yourself, know why you want to apply to that school and as I mentioned before, there is a webpage with the most common 46 questions school ask. answer them and have someone that you dont know to ask you. The interview is not tricky, they want to know who you are that is all. Don't lie just keep it real. :)
  2. Got accepted too!! now to the world and make a difference wooooohoooo!
  3. Ok, guys let me explain something to clear some doubts in regards when and how people get called. This is general for any school. In my own experience, I noticed that application time does not predict when you are going to be called processed. For example, when I submitted my CASPA, I submitted a month before one of my classmates submitted his and we both got verified the exact same day. I think CASPA has a cycling system for an entire region or school at once. Also noticed that schools do interviews first to people that either have high GPA or GRE, then they wait to see if they get more applicants and do the same thing. Then after the deadline or time in which they do not accept more applications comes, they speed up the process. So schools are fishing for the better product all the time which is fair because they want to make sure people are serious at this level of education. Also to those people that don't have great GPA do not loose hope. I saw one student getting accepted with a GPA of 2.7 but that student was stronger in other areas as well. Also I have seen students that had excellent GPA and do not get accepted. It's ok to kind of predict things as you see fit, but i would not count on that at all. I used to do that and when I realized how school works, I stop to worry about it. Think about it this way. I f you do not get accepted, what else could you be doing mean while? maybe work as an EMT or do more volunteer work while you enjoy life. Then you will be ready to come back with stronger force to finish your career :)
  4. If you are making travel arrangement come at least a day before. There is a hotel super close to the school, like 3 minutes away in car. I would advice to stay there to make it easy on you. The email you will receive is pretty much just to confirm the day and time and to print parking pass. The day most likely will start at 7:30 and finish at 2:00. But wait for the email in case something change. Also they might send you an email to confirm that you are going. The you will reply that you will or will not. I hope it helps and good luck with the interview.
  5. You guys are going to be cited at 7:30 and then leave about 2pm. you guys will receive an email with instructions.
  6. Hi there, I'm not allowed to give details but some of the advice i can give you is, one be yourself and practice what you want to say as much as possible. Sometimes nerves can make you forget things. For example in my case there was so much more I could have said but nerves got in the way because it was my first interview ever. There is a web page with 46 most common questions asked, grab those questions as a template to practice. Grab someone you don't know so you know how it feels to interview with someone new. Just keep in mind that they can ask you anything.
  7. Hi everyone, if anyone else has the interview on the 17 of august and don't have means of transportation let me know and we can carpool. I will be there a day prior.
  8. Hey there, I have my interview on the 17th as well, I will be arriving in the morning and I would be pleased to meet up. Maybe we can get some other people as well. I will be staying with a friend in phoenix.
  9. Ho ok, and I remember your photo from last year on this forum. So I don't know if you could tell us what to prepare for on an interview or how they are done, things to expect etc.. I appreciate you willing to help, a lot of people nowadays are selfish so is nice to see someone that cares after made it there.
  10. I'm sorry for my ignorance but what does CO means? cohort?
  11. Hi guys, I got an interview as well for August 17. I wonder if we are the first group to interview because i don't see any earlier dates on here on in the schedule. If any of you are from Tucson and need a ride, you can go with me. Good luck guys, this was my top choice school. I have gone to the facilities and is very nice and the people are super caring. I was very impressed. :)
  12. Ho my, I'm sorry to hear that I wonder why would be the cause of the rejection. You have great stats. I would advise you to call and find a reason why they reject the application. It could be useful. Also I don't know if they actually prefer people from Arizona, The ones I know for sure about that is NAU.
  13. To the people that got rejected, would you mind telling us your GPA and other things so we get our expectations straight. If it is too much to ask. I understand. I have not yet received any email but just wanted know. Thank you guys and sorry to hear that.
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