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  1. I also received an acceptance email today! I won't be attending as I've already accepted a seat and made arrangements elsewhere, so hopefully the spot goes to one of you!
  2. I also received an interview invite for March (on the 18th), but I'll be turning it down. Good luck to everyone!
  3. Congratulations! I was also accepted at Meridian!! Now time for some decision-making
  4. I interviewed on the 22nd and received an acceptance email late that evening. I'll be turning down the offer for another program, however, so I hope the seat goes to one of you!
  5. I have yet to hear anything since my interview back in November- the waiting game is painful!
  6. You're in! I had the same thing show up in my portal, so I called admissions to clarify - and I am accepted!!!
  7. How do you tell in your portal if you are on the alternate list or accepted?
  8. I thought my application had been passed over for an interview as well, but I just got an invite today for January 22- don't lose hope!
  9. Does anyone know how the interviews are scored? I know they are out of 4 points, but I'm curious about how they break that down.
  10. I interviewed with them yesterday and they said that the earliest that they can accept students is in March after they hear back about accreditation. They did say, however, that they were planning on sending letters of interest to candidates that they hope/plan to later accept. I'm not sure exactly when that might occur though.
  11. Sadly, I was put on the hold list. Now to wait for a final decision. Does anyone know how full the class is? I forgot to ask at the interview Friday.
  12. Nope, I have yet to receive a scheduling call. Hopefully we hear back soon!
  13. I also took the pre entrance exam on the 29th. I just received my score for the exam and an interview invite this morning. They had spots available for the 17th, 19th, and 24th, with more dates to be scheduled.
  14. I received an interview invite a few days ago, how long does it usually take to receive a call to schedule?
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