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  1. Thank you for all the responses. I finally finished my BS back in December and was able to keep my GPA at a 3.0 retook a bunch of science classes but still don't think my Science GPA is up to snuff. I did however, submit my application a couple of days ago for the 2018 cycle. Here's to hoping I make it, if not back to the drawing board ??.
  2. Sorry for the delayed reply Orgo and Cell Bio has been killing me. I appreciate all the responses and have looked into some of the older programs. Unfortunately, Connecticut's programs a very difficult to get into because of the amount of applicants. I will continue the search!
  3. Good morning everyone, I am currently new here so pardon if this question has been asked or if I'm not in the proper thread. So lets get down to the root of my question. As stated above I spent 6 years in the Navy reserves as a Hospital Corpsman, and two years in the civilian side as a Pharmacy Tech. I am currently in my senior year finishing my undergrad with all my pre-reqs completed for PA school. I was just wondering if I don't get into the first cycle that if it would be a good idea to get my paramedic cert and then re-apply or if my being an HM is sufficient enough for myself to loo
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