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  1. my favorites! 1. Pance Prep Pearls (obvs) 2. Rosh Review 3. Smarty Pance 4. Books I used for EOR for extra reference 5. UWorld test bank! the questions are very challenging but very good as well. They really make you think 6. OnlineMedEd and Youtube videos to help with concepts im not good with!
  2. Thanks so much for sharing!! I’m eager to start getting more info and preparing to start!!
  3. Just be yourself!!! Be authentically you. Be confident. Take a deep breath before walking in to collect your nerves. Positive mindset and you’ll succeed (cheesy I know but it works)
  4. All I know is August, not the official date I submitted my deposit so hopefully will get more of an official date soon
  5. I have pictures of the campus if you’d like them. I toured right before my interview. It’s a very small campus. Like 2 buildings
  6. I have over 3,000 of healthcare experience as a endoscopy/surgical tech, medical assistant in detox/mental health, and tech in the ICU and neuro floors. 3.4 GPAs. A ton of volunteer and leadership hours (idk the exact amount), and a Bachelors in Food, Nutrition and Dietetics
  7. For those who have been accepted, is there a Facebook group/page where everyone can join to get to connect with fellow classmates?! Also, those who got accepted, how soon did you receive your admissions packet?
  8. I just got my acceptance call!! Interviewed on the 8th! Legit broke down in tears on the phone when they told me. CANT WAIT!!!
  9. Just received my interview invite for Jan 8th, I applied about 3.5 weeks ago. Looking forward to it! Anyone else interviewing in Jan?
  10. Just looking to get some ideas on different ways I can volunteer and what people have done in the past or currently for the volunteer/health care experience requirements?! What makes an individual stand out?
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