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  1. I interviewed Aug. 5 and was accepted shortly thereafter. The interview was great, and the faculty and staff make you feel very comfortable the whole time. It's clear they put a lot of effort into making this a successful program. I'll be attending this January, so hopefully there will be a FB group soon!
  2. When was your application verified? And have you received the supplemental application yet?
  3. How long did it between application verification and receiving an interview invite?
  4. I got an email 6 days after my application was verified to complete the supplemental application. I think you just assume it is under review after you submit the supplemental.
  5. Does anyone have outstanding prereqs? I just received an email that my application is incomplete due to an outstanding prereq, but I listed this planned course on my CASPA application.
  6. Did you get an email saying your application was under review or anything before you got the interview invite? My application was verified on 6/15 but I never received an email or anything. Just curious...
  7. Just wanted to make a thread for anybody applying to the USC School of Medicine PA Program (not MUSC). I was verified June 15th but have not heard anything from the school. The website says the supplemental application is supposed to be available in mid to late June. Has anybody heard anything?
  8. My application was received 6/20 and I have not heard anything either. I think the people who have been offered interviews so far applied very early in the application cycle.
  9. Did any of you guys use AP scores for prerequisites? I got an email from GW saying that I needed to send my official score report to CASPA, but I just got off the phone with CASPA and they said that there is nowhere to report AP scores even if I sent it directly to them. Did any of you have to report AP scores, and how did you do it if you did? Thanks!
  10. It was verified 6/15 and she said it normally takes 7-14 days to get the email, but I got the email today! Just wanted to make sure everything was in!
  11. I still haven't gotten an email saying they received my application, although it was verified by CASPA. How long did it take you to get the email?
  12. To those who have interviews on Aug. 12th, can I ask when did you complete the Gardner-Webb supplemental application? Thanks!
  13. How long did it take after your CASPA application was verified until you received an email from South saying your application was under review? My application was verified June 15th. And does anyone know how often they give interviews? Thanks!
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