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  1. Yeah Hopeful2bPA I got a call two hours after the interview saying that i was accepted
  2. I applied last cycle, was waitlisted, and got accepted into the January 2018 start program. Goodluck to everyone.
  3. I got a phone call yesterday for an interview on September 8th
  4. How did you know your acceptance packet was sent 2days ago did you call them to find out?
  5. Thank you and do you live in New York?
  6. did they send the acceptance letters in the mail or do you get notified by email?
  7. I just got my letter from Bay Path and I got place on the waitlist good luck to everyone and congrats to the people that got accepted
  8. Damn so thats mean we either on the waitlist or rejected because from what i had they call you if you are accepted
  9. Does anyone know how many seat have been fill and how many seat are available for the 2017 entrance class
  10. My question is do you know if they already called all 30 accepted students or they are still in the process
  11. I know because i really want to get into this program
  12. Do you know how many sits have been fill already or they are still making decisions
  13. Can a bad essay during a interview get you rejected?
  14. I know and do know know when we will be hearing from them
  15. I think i blew my interview yesterday
  16. do anyone knows the hospitals where the PA program do their clinical Clerkship
  17. Does anyone knows the hospitals where the PA program do their clinical Clerkship
  18. I just got an e-mail today, an invitation for a interview on 11/22 at 8am. I am excited and nervous at the same time because this is my #1 school
  19. #bw848846 Did you get a email back from Sharon when you replied to confirm your interview date. Is your interview time at 1:00pm
  20. Is anyone here going for an interview on 11/20/2015
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