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  1. Has anyone heard from Jennifer Christie after the first acceptance email or gotten the official acceptance letter yet?
  2. I also got accepted! Does anyone know the exact start date of the program?
  3. Has anyone heard anything from Bayshore? They said in an email that they will be reviewing applications in January.
  4. My stats: patient care hours= 640 GPA= 3.87 Science GPA= 3.81 The interview went well, two professors interviewed me at once so it was a little intense and they pretty much asked the normal questions but also some personal questions like what is your biggest disappointment?, if you could change anything in your life what would it be? and then they gave me an essay to read and I had to write a response. I thought it was weird that there wasn't a tour or information session and that I didn't get to see or interact with the other students being interviewed. The professors that interviewed me also said that they are still in the process of becoming a masters program and are waiting for approval. They told my friend this at her interview last year, so I don't know when they will actually become a masters program. Hope that helps! Good luck to everyone!
  5. I got an email on December 3rd to interview on December 14th. I submitted my application on October 7th. Hope that helps!
  6. I have an interview next week and was wondering if anyone could share anything about their interview experience?
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