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  1. Hey Everyone! There is a facebook page for our class! It's called LSU New Orleans PA Class of 2018. Join if you haven't already!
  2. Awesome, thanks for the insight! Goodluck to everyone!
  3. I wonder if this means they are making final acceptances and generating the wait list
  4. I thought Baylor does not send out interview invites until December and they conduct interviews in January?
  5. Has anyone asked UTMB when final decisions and the wait list will be released? I would love to know when to expect to hear something!
  6. To those of you who received rejection emails this morning, did any of you interview with UTMB? Have a pending offer that I am trying to decide what to do with
  7. at the interview they told us there were 2,000 applicants and they are accepting 90
  8. Wow, that was fast. I interviewed in September and they told us decisions would be finalized in December, but if they are already done interviewing maybe the process will be expedited. Hopefully so! Good luck to everyone!
  9. For the people who interviewed this week, did they mention when final decisions will be made? Is the wait list still going out in December? Thanks!
  10. Has anyone from out of state been accepted? Interviewed 9/21 but haven't heard anything
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