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  1. I am actually planning on seeing a psychiatrist next week, a little nervous about it because I've been anticipating this for some time. The reason I had asked my parents first is because I am pretty poor :( I feel like I would need to see more than one and go through a certain amount of visits until I find the right one that would actually help me and be there for me. And I did volunteer, helping people normally brings me happiness. But last year, I started thinking I had social anxiety. I forced myself to volunteer in the ER and with palliative patients. I got so anxious when I asked a patient how he is doing. and he wasn't meaning any harm, he asked me, "How are YOU doing? You look really scared/nervous." Oh man, I felt like I was so transparent and I just wasn't ready to volunteer. I've kept in touch with the volunteering services at my local hospital, hope to return soon.
  2. WN is withdrew, never attended. the WN is from a summer school class, life just b*tchslapped me in the face... sometimes I feel like I'm a headless chicken running around in circles. And all my W's are spread out between 2 semesters: fall 2014- spring 2015 in one particular school. I just transferred to another CUNY for a fresh start and really hope that everything runs smoothly as possible. Even though my record as a transfer starts out clean, it stays on the CASPA records :( These responses make me feel better, although I know a lot of hard work is needed to be successful in my pre-pa journey. Thanks for the responses guys!
  3. to those that have been an emt-b has anyone failed the nremt and had it successfully rescored? by "successfully" I mean that the score had been adjusted so that you have passed? I have taken the test the 2nd time and failed by 3 points. I am quite angry in failing it again, due to personal problems I have not had the time I wanted to have taken it earlier on so that I could still have time to take an online refresher course and have the chance to take it the third time (the retest I had taken was just about 1 year within the original test date fyi). I am passionate about helping people I understand this assessment is important, but I am saddened that this barrier is stopping me from living out my dreams. I was so excited to become an EMT... responses are appreciated, thank you.
  4. Hello. I am worried about my grades at the moment and wanted some insight. I have currently a overall GPA of 3.1 (45 total cred) but my biology major GPA is 2.6 (14 cred) I have quite a number of classes to take, I plan to do well in all of them. ---> I am worried about 4W's and 2 WN on my transcript, since PANCE application does not omit any grades at all. Reason why: I have been battling depression since I started college 3 years ago, if it was up to me I would take a year out of college and focus on volunteering and healthcare related work in order to give myself quality time to really recollect myself. I am living with my parents and have expressed that I wished to have treatment for depression, but sadly Asian parents are especially not understanding about mental health and completely disregarded my debilitating mental health. It is not good to have an interview and tell them I have depression. Therefore, my plans as of now: -move out, dorm, apply for student loans -get 2 part times, find a good psychiatrist -take a semester off from school and focus on work, volunteering, and healing Does this plan seem likely? in short, I really hope to God that I get better and have documented proof that I am healing. I hope to turn the W and WN's into better grades and prove that I am truly dedicated to being a PA. Replies are very much appreciated. Thank you :)
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