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  1. For people interested in what its actually like to be a student at Touro, check out the admissions FB page, thats where students are able to post about the things they like about the program and you can see the types of things you'd be doing if accepted. https://www.facebook.com/TUNAdmissions/
  2. Midwestern requires the GRE so you have to send your scores and they weigh it heavily. Most schools require at least a 300, but Midwestern wants closer to the 70th percentile. There are some exceptions, but as a general rule if you want to go to Midwestern, you should retake the GRE
  3. I know of someone who gave up their spot in the class on Monday so if someone from the waitlist hasn't heard already then there's still a chance for someone!
  4. My PCP's office has a Sonora Quest in it so I just did it all right there so I'm not totally sure! You may not need an order from a PCP but you have to go in for a physical anyway so you might as well do that first just in case you need an order! And the packet needs to be mailed in!
  5. Yeah I don't mind sending that info over to you at all! I believe they start registration in the beginning-middle of April so if you can get this stuff done quickly then you'll be all set for registration!
  6. Yes! They will send you an email with the required paperwork for blood work, Immunizations, and a physical! Also, you will have to sign and send back a form that lets registration auto enroll you in classes. It may take a little bit to get all of that stuff though. Have you gotten the official email from Michael yet with the info for your deposit and your Touro One account info? That'll probably be the first thing you'll need to do! But if you want to get the ball rolling and don't want to wait for the other forms, I can forward them to you?
  7. Congrats Dylan! That's awesome! I remember you from my interview day, another ASU kid! See you in June!
  8. I want to add my 2 cents as well. While it is important to apply to multiple schools, don't go overboard. Use this time before CASPA opens to do your research on schools and find those that you are the most competitive and a better fit at. I originally applied to 8 programs that I had researched thoroughly. As the cycle went on, I got more and more nervous I wouldn't get in and ended up applying to 11 more schools which was a waste of money. I had 7 interviews this cycle and 5 of the 7 were schools on my original 8 school list so I had picked my original list well. And I ultimately was accepte
  9. I'm not sure if being below 50th percentile will screen you out or not, but in my opinion I would take it again. Most programs want to see that you can score at least in the 50th percentile just to show competency. Writing in my opinion is kind of a big deal just because you will be expected as a PA to write countless medical notes which are essentially a legal document. But that's just my 2 cents!
  10. They said they will not let us know our spot on the waiting list unfortunately.
  11. Nope not yet! I'm really getting antsy and I'm wanting to see where I am on the waitlist!
  12. Will they send an email or letter in the mail telling us whether were waitlisted or rejected? Or what?
  13. I assume that there are more than 50 people who have interviewed and not been rejected yet so I think some will get rejected. But we will find out if we are in fact waitlisted and our numerical rank out of 50 on the waitlist to get a more realistic view on whether we will make it in or not
  14. I talked to Kay today and she said they were hoping to have the finalized waitlist with the rankings done this week.
  15. Same here, I reached out to admissions since I hadn't heard anything and they told me I was on the alternate list. I wonder how deep this alternate list is?
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