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  1. Asabry8- I cannot really tell you what will be on the interview. It's pretty standard for all interviews for PA schools. Agatka15- They did not ask me about the forms in the interview. You only need those once you are accepted into the program. The interview is 3 hours of interviews and writing. I believe we were pretty well done before noon with the interview, but they have students walk you around and allow you to ask questions then. Best of luck, TJW2016
  2. The proof of hours and other items are due before matriculation into the program. I just had an interview yesterday and did not turn anything in to them.
  3. Asabry8- It's not really fair for those who have already went and are waiting to hear back. There is a written and interview portion is basically all I can tell you. It can be different between different each day too.
  4. I interviewed October 22nd and just received my email this morning telling me I am accepted!!! So happy and such a relief! Everyone hang in there, definitely worth the struggle and stress of waiting!
  5. Asabry8- It took somewhere between one to two weeks from the point of receiving my application email to when they called me for an interview.
  6. Just received my email today stating I was selected for an interview as well! Best of luck to everyone!
  7. For students applying/accepted to the University of Dayton Physician Assistant program.
  8. asabry8- I submitted my application on the 26th to KC and received an email from KC stating they received my application on the 28th. As to if you have a chance I can not give a for sure answer. The application was due 10/01/2015, which entailed of payment to CASPA for submission fee to KC and 2 out of the 3 letters of reference I believe (if I remember correctly). Without seeing your CASPA account it is difficult to for sure say if it was too late so in that case I would not give up hope!
  9. asabry8- According to my CASPA I submitted my application to KC on September 26th and I was contacted via phone call on October 1st to set up an interview. So they are pretty quick in turning around the application it appears. If I had to guess I would say a week or two is potentially the expected time to hear back. However, that is just a guess and by no means a definite answer. You might be better off check from the application process between 2014-2015 and see how long they talk about in their posts.
  10. MLS07, First of all- CONGRATS! That's awesome! Secondonly- Can you give any idea of what to expect the interview entails of? I have had friends go through 2-3 years ago and they said they took them into a room with two other applicants and had to basically debate which of the three should get in and had to come to a consensus by the end of the time, but my friend told me she believes they changed that. Any tips would be very helpful! Also can you potentially give me an idea of what your GPA was? Just trying to see where I am standing! Thanks TJW
  11. Hello everyone, I am making this topic (obviously) for 2015-2016 application cycle. Has anyone set up an interview and already interviewed with KC yet? I have my interview set up for October 22nd! If anyone has already interviewed, have you heard back yet? I heard they are very quick in turning around decisions (I heard might only take two weeks). Also if you have interviewed, do you have any tips or tricks of what to expect in the interview? Best of luck, TJW
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