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  1. Abdominal Transplant (Inpatient) Pros: interesting, complex, opportunity to get to know patients well, passionate multidisciplinary team, rewarding Cons: schedule (rotating days nights weekends holidays), the occasional bad outcome
  2. I just got an admissions offer today! (off the waitlist) This means moving from TX to PA in a little over a month. so many emotions! But so thankful.
  3. I'm on the waitlist as well. My letter was originally sent to my old address, so I just got it late last week. I know of another girl from my interview group who is also waitlisted. I emailed to ask if we will be informed of our rank on the list. Diane sent back a nice note explaining that they cannot inform us of our exact spot on the list because it can change based on others decisions. She did say I am "very high" on the list, but I think that could be due to a small list! haha. Still nice to hear! She said lots of accepted students have requirements to fulfill prior to the start date. If they don't meet the requirements, waitlisted candidates will be called (likely last minute). She also said those who were waitlisted this year will be offered interviews earlier in the cycle next year to help increase chances of admittance due to rolling admissions. So that's good news for those who reapply! Best of luck to you!
  4. @simplyheatharc Thank you for all of the information! It's helpful to know all of this! @kmelore, wow, congrats!!! So exciting to hear! I haven't gotten anything yet, but keeping my hopes up. Good luck to all!
  5. Has anyone from the Jan 8th or Jan 22nd interview heard anything? I'm thinking about touching base with them to get an idea of when we might hear.
  6. Oh wow, 19 total in your interview? There were 12-14 at ours I think. So I guess 8 spots for 34ish applicants. They might be spending their time ranking the waitlist. I bet your group will hear really soon.
  7. Congrats! I also worked in the music industry+ odd jobs post liberal arts degree before deciding to return to school. Definitely consider myself a "non-traditional" applicant, so thanks for the tips & encouragement!
  8. I got my rejection email today. At least now I know! Wishing better luck to others!
  9. I applied in September, but am remaining hopeful. :-)
  10. Congrats to all who have been accepted! Has anyone gotten an invite for a February interview?
  11. Hope so! Has anyone received a February interview invite yet? Can't believe January is almost over...
  12. I received an email today stating that they are adding an additional interview (assuming it's the Feb one) & that my application is still under review (pleasant surprise). They said invitations to interview will be extended through February 5th. They'll let those who aren't selected know by then too.
  13. He didn't mention when they are meeting, but I bet we'll hear something within the next few weeks. Although I was bummed to learn there are so few seats left, I appreciated that he was upfront and honest about it.
  14. I had a great time too! Funny how we ended up sitting next to each other. Glad you made it home safely! I'm still en route back to TX (explored Pittsburgh yesterday). After my interview with Dr. Massey he told me there are only 8 spots left to offer. They are meeting to look at candidates from our interview as well as the group earlier this month. He said they will offer seats to the most qualified and start a ranked waitlist from there. He told me he's fairly positive they will have movement on the waitlist in the upcoming months. Everyone in our group seemed like a great fit, so I'll understand if waitlisted (hopefully not denied). Hopeful for both of us!
  15. Same! Definitely hoping to hear from South. I applied in September.
  16. I'm staying at the Fairfield Inn as well! Hopefully they are more modest with their use of heat haha. Although let's be real, I'll need all the warmth I can get. It's currently ~70 degrees in ATX and ~17 in Slippery Rock.
  17. Good luck with your interview tomorrow! Let us know how it goes!
  18. Congrats!! What do you like most about the program? (based on what you know so far)
  19. I know the class size is set to be 52, but not sure how many seats have been filled so far. Are you familiar with the area? I'll be coming in from TX.
  20. Thanks! Great to hear! I will report back post 1/22 interview!
  21. Did you email pa.program@sru.edu? I received my invite on Dec. 23rd & responded asking for details so I could make travel arrangements. I received an email with a tentative interview day agenda, applicant info handbook, map, & parking pass attached. The interview day is roughly 8am-4pm (assuming it's the same on the 16th). I'd try to email again or call. Hopefully you'll hear soon!
  22. Anyone else interviewing January 22nd? I'm excited to learn more about the program!
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