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  1. I was wait listed after I interviewed on 11/7 and I just got the call that I've been accepted!!
  2. I just got an email for an interview on Janurary 14th!
  3. Is this the only school in Texas you applied to? It seems from previous cycles that they always wait until the following year to do interviews. I'm not sure why. However, what a great choice on wanting to move to Texas! It's been in the 70s here with a day or two in the 40s-50s then back to 70s! Definitely nice!
  4. I interviewed on 11/7 and just got a letter in the mail that I've been waitlisted.
  5. Yes. On 9/30 I got an email saying that my application passed the initial review and will be reviewed more to determine if I'll get offered an interview. I haven't heard anything since then though.
  6. I interviewed on 10/5 and got the email this morning that I've been accepted!
  7. I interviewed yesterday and got the email that I was accepted today!
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