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  1. Hello all! I figured I'd jump on and let you all know that I was just accepted for the program today. I was first alternate, so if any of you had friends who were on the alternate list you can let them know that UPAP has started accepting those who are on that list. I interviewed on the 6/7 and I'm excited to get to know all of you!
  2. Congratulations to everybody who was accepted! I am honored to have been interviewed with everybody and consider myself lucky to have shared in this process. I wasn't offered a spot but I accepted an offer for a waitlist position. Thank you to all you who helped me feel at ease this last weekend! Best wishes!
  3. Congrats Abrown! My interview is this weekend and I'm excited for the opportunity. Thank you for sharing encouragement and maybe we'll see each other in the not-so-distant future.
  4. Hello All, I got my interview invitation with the rest of everybody and will be interviewing Nov 6th & 7th. This is my second time applying and my wife explained that it's customary to post "stats", so here they are: cGPA: 3.00 sGPA: 3.00 Bachelors Degree in Behavioral Science. PCE/HCE: 17,000+ in the ER (ED), inpatient psych, skilled nursing homes, and group homes. Shadow Hours: ~10 DO, 100+ PT/OT, 33 PA Volunteer work: Habitat for Humanity, Healthy Habits, Special Olympics, MS PT Clinic, Anatomy STA, Religious Services Escort (for the intellectually challenged) I'm excited to be meeting with the other candidates, current students, and UPAP staff and interviewers. I feel a bit like an underdog and I am proud to be standing with you all during this process. Best wishes to everybody and I'll see some of you in November.
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