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  1. Roanoke has a city bus and a trolley. The trolley mainly runs around downtown Roanoke and between Carillon facilities. The city bus runs all throughout the town but the hours and availability are pretty limited. You can look for more information at valleymetro.com at the buses and trolley. There are also some shuttles that run pretty regularly, in particular the smart way bus between Blacksburg (Virginia Tech) and Roanoke. Roanoke is the biggest city in south west VA, so its surrounded by smaller counties so these services don't really extend outside of the city. There may be similar transportation in the next city over in Salem. In my personal opinion, even though Roanoke isn't a huge city, its not a realistic place for using public transportation/walking/biking everywhere unless you live in the downtown area near the school. I'd get a car! I grew up in Roanoke, VA so if you have any more questions about this let me know!
  2. I reviewed the email around 4 today too! Congratulations everyone!!! And goodluck to those placed on the hold list!
  3. Same. Well goodluck to everyone! My fingers are crossed for myself and everyone here! We thought the hard part was over after the interview, but it's actually the part where we have to stress and wait for an answer.
  4. I agree, it was great meeting everyone and seeing the community involvement at Shenandoah! After checking the forums from last year, it seems like the people who were accepted found out the Monday following the Friday interview by email. Any luck for anyone yet?
  5. hmmm, thats weird. But on the actual application, I didn't see a spot for transcripts to be uploaded either.
  6. Its definitely the closest, plus you'll be heading away from the city instead of towards it so I can't imagine traffic will be too terrible.
  7. Thanks guys! When was your application verified? Did it take 4 weeks for them to review your application like it was suggested in the email?
  8. Where did you see that? This is what was written on my application, and pretty much the only mention of transcripts: "If you are recommended for admission you will need to provide an official transcript (sent to us by mail directly from the institution). Your offer of admission will be contingent upon the receipt and verification of these official documents (which must show the award of degrees where appropriate.) Do not send official records until we request them from you." If it makes you feel better, I don't recall uploading any transcripts, and I have already received an email from JMU PA that they have received my verified CASPA and grad app.
  9. Submitted application on July 7th, verified on July 15th, interview offer on July 26th. Congratulations to everyone and I'll see you all on August 26th!!
  10. Hey everyone! I didn't see a forum for this cycle yet so I just wanted to start one. Who else is applying this year!?!
  11. Application submitted 7/7, Verified 7/15 and got a confirmation email from JMU 7/18. Good luck to everyone :)
  12. Hey guys, congrats to everyone that was accepted! I was placed on the hold list, but have yet to hear anything since that initial notification. In the letter I recieved, it said that the final class would be decided by the end of April, and that I would be notified then. Is anyone else in the same situation, or know why I wouldn't have been contacted? Thanks!!
  13. I received an interview for the May 20th date this past Friday. I will be unable to attend, so I hope this seat is open for one of you guys. Good luck!
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