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  1. Hoping someone can offer some guidance here. Thought I would just try to continue this thread. I'm a new PA. I'm working for a private practice and I am the first PA that has been employed here. Because it is a small practice I am doing all my credentialing. It's a pain but for the most part I think it's going somewhat smoothly. However, I came across BCBS CareFirst today and they informed me that they do not contract PAs. As someone who is very new to this, I was hoping someone might help me understand how to go about making sure that I am reimbursed appropriately. Or at least nudge me i
  2. Hoping someone can offer some advice. I’ll be starting my first job since graduating with an immunology office in the next couple of weeks. Wondered if anyone had any advice on ways to prepare. I’ve been trying to refresh on some topics while also attempting to familiarize myself with their EMR software. Appreciate any thoughts!
  3. Hi all, I am a recent grad and I'm beginning the fun interview process. As a new grad I'm realizing that I don't know much (or at least enough) about what I should be looking for from employers. At the moment I have an interview with an outpatient cardiology clinic/office. I was hoping someone might give me some ideas of things I should be looking for, looking out for or just general questions that I should be asking. I had an initial phone interview and I only had one concern so far. I was told that hours generally run 8-5, somedays 8-6. I wasn't given salary information at that time. I
  4. (looking at the entrance of the building) There is a lot almost immediately to the left. I think I arrived about 30 or 40 minutes early but I was able to find a spot and I think most others were too. There's another lot near by too. Just make sure you don't park in the small lot right across from the building. I guess you can get ticketed there.
  5. They never asked me for a resume, or anything like that. I'm sure you can bring water but they supply it and snacks as well!
  6. Just for the added info - Applied near the beginning of May - Received confirmation email June 18 - Completed supplemental August 19 - Invited for interview on September 16 for October 1
  7. I was accepted as well! So excited. Ditto, to the information from @DaddyPig USciences, here we go!
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