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  1. I have been in a similar position. In my case the owner was also deceptive about the benefits but I verbally accepted the position. When it came time to sign the contract I just looked at him and asked for the benefits I wanted. It worked... But. You definitely made the right choice. Imagine if you had to deal with that explosive temper of his every day of your life.
  2. Thanks for the feedback I just recently launched this version of our website and I'm still working out the kinks. Were you viewing in mobile or desktop? Also, what specifically looked like word vomit to you? Were you referring to the text formatting, grammar, popups, menus, etc.?
  3. Hey guys check out this blog post we just put on our site that summarizes and discusses the validity of the PAEA EOR exams. I have heard multiple people asking which EOR is the most difficult and we finally got a definitive answer. It also discusses EOR exam scores correlations with PANCE scores. Link -> NATIONAL EOR EXAM SCORES REVEAL THE TOUGHEST AND MOST USELESS Let me know what you think by either commenting below the article on our site or posting below! Also, we are always looking for new topics to write about + guest bloggers so feel free to suggest.
  4. Check out our new blog post about how to choose your elective rotations! - Choosing Elective Rotations This post is authored by Lauren R. Let us know what you think and please feel free to leave any feedback or requests for future blog posts! -Adam
  5. One of our founders -Lauren- recently wrote an interesting article that I think is worth sharing here on the forums.She and I have been discussing the positives and negatives of the different specialties right out of school and she eventually wrote up this article on her stance. Its more of an opinion article but certainly informative. Let me know what you guys think! The original article can be found here: Why I'm Glad I Took My First Job In General Medicine
  6. I'm curious why the title of the article states PAs and NPs are not interchangeable but the article concludes, "In day-to-day practice, the quality of care provided by NPs—whether primary care or acute care—is indistinguishable from care delivered by PAs"
  7. Hey everyone! We've just added a new article to our site about staying healthy in PA school. We've realized this is definitely not easy while trying to juggle grades, friends, family etc. I hope this article can be helpful to some of you. If you have any feedback, please don't hesitate to share! Bad or good, we love it all. :) http://www.physicianassistantstudyguide.com/HealthInPASchool.html
  8. Love it! Would love to colloborate with you on some blog posts to spread the word! Your blog looks great.
  9. I tend to think that the majority of PA literature is bland and expected. My personal favorite in relation to the capacity of PAs (and I've read ALOT of PA literature) is actually an article about an algorithm that I wrote to create a heirarchical edge bundle graph representing the neural network reconfiguration during PA school. Picture and link below: Original Article HERE
  10. Curious about handling relationships in PA school? Check out our latest article for what to expect and some tips on how to handle it. Surprisingly, this been our most requested topic in the last few months. Read more ---> Love, Life & PA School
  11. WOW I didn't realize there were more PAs than DOs. I crunched some quick numbers and got ~58k DOs and ~100k PAs in the US. Very interesting.
  12. Just put up a new article summarizing a research publication from October 2015 that compared how patients percieved the PA profession before and after their first encounter. Very interesting publication, I hope my summary did it justice. Spoiler: their results were overwhelmingly positive- this says alot of good things for the future of the profession. Read my summary HERE.
  13. Hi, I help run NPAE and we are in the process of building a large question bank. Anna25 if you see this, please message me with your email address and I will give you access to our question bank and review course for FREE. We want to HELP the community and so far we have had a 100% pass rate so I'd be glad to help you too. I hate to see anyone fail twice especially if they ask for help.
  14. Limited 75% off sale of the 2016 PANCE/PANRE Online Review Course. Check it out: PA Board Review Course Sale A trial of the course is available here: PA Board Review Course Trial
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