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  1. Without going into detail, I believe if you get there early, you will get out a bit earlier if I'm not mistaken. But overall I think you get out earlier than 4PM. Don't quote me on that tho!
  2. I do not know of anyone else that have been accepted. I sent my deposit in a while back. I believe they will be calling back the rest of the applicants in December for acceptances/rejections.
  3. All of the information I am telling you guys will be told to everyone in the beginning once you're at your interview.
  4. From what they told us during the first interview and IF I remember correctly, there are 36 interviewees per session x 4 sessions. So 144 Interviews with 45 accepted. +5 students that deferred last year, a total of 50. or it is 40 accepted and +5 students that deferred last year , total of 45. Sorry I don't exactly remember!
  5. I just cancelled my interview for 10/19/15 at DE campus. Maybe one of you guys can call and try to grab that spot!
  6. Hey guys I will most likely be cancelling an interview for Oct 19th for the DE campus. I am still pending on whether I should go since the hotel room is paid for and maybe the school will surprise me. Ill keep you guys posted and maybe one of you guys can get the spot!
  7. Thank you! They called but I also received an email afterwards. It was the day after I landed back in NJ. Was not expecting a call that soon!
  8. I got an interview recently as well but will be declining.
  9. Hey guys I just finished my interview today and just relaxing in my hotel room. Everyone was nervous but I personally had a very different and rewarding experience! And I'm sure everyone else did as well. Good luck to all! I am super excited to start if I get accepted.
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