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  1. Are there alot of places which require a Difficult Airway Course? I did the Walls one but didnt know that was a thing
  2. I was lucky to land in an ED where others didn't want to work and they where in need of PAs. Timing just worked out. Now I'm moving to AZ (wife is AD Army) and have a job there in an ED. I just finished my FCCS today and have ATLS scheduled for late January in Baltimore. I'm not sure about this whole Physician Extender thing on the ACS website. I emailed my POC there and am making sure I can get a Cert/Card at the end as its required for my next job.
  3. Typically, it varies. Not the answer you wanted but its the truth. When I applied three years ago, I submitted my application in August and was invited to interview in January. With that being said-- a good friend of mine had a similar timeline but was waitlisted, then found out a month before school started she was accepted. So it can be a rollercoaster of emotions!
  4. Hey everyone! ETS 14 DEC and start PA school JAN 2nd at Elon in North Carolina. 12A from 2008-2013 18A Candidate 2013-2014 Back to 12A 2014 to present. I'm doing an IMA slot as an Engineer while in school then plan on switching to a Reserve unit. Cheers! Mark
  5. I declined my interview invitation, best of luck to all those still applying or in the dreaded WAITING status!
  6. I excited to have been accepted! The other students I interviewed with were incredibly accomplished, and have so much experience in healthcare and passion for the profession. Look forward to this journey!
  7. I got a call Monday to interview this coming Monday the 11th of January. These are very exciting times.
  8. That is what I heard at the campus visit I went to last week. The interview invites will go out in January for a early February interview. Fingers crossed
  9. Anyone been able to contact the Mercer PA Admissions and get a response?
  10. A friend of mine checked his on track and found out he was rejected, but didn't get an email or anything.
  11. The PDF vers word doc makes sense. I already submitted mine in word so I'll hope its ok.
  12. Do you have to submit HCE in a separate letter or email?. One of there requirements specifies that somewhere on their website but I wasn't sure if they accept the CASPA roll up or not.
  13. Its a fine line. I emailed Wendy with transcript updates because CASPA wasn't allowing me to update them for whatever reason. You don't want to bombard them with questions or status update requests, however this is your future. The only person in this process advocating for you is you. That's been my experience from my current profession anyway but I'm sure it transcends all.
  14. I got my under review email on the 22nd of October. Hopefully right behind you!
  15. I'm not a fan of the web-based supplemental either but excited its finally available! Good luck everyone
  16. When did you get yours? I spoke to a friend of mine who received his email last week and hasn't heard back yet
  17. I got my application under review email yesterday. Now its the next phase of waiting! CASPA submitted: August 26 Duke received: September 8 Duke PA application complete email: September 14 Under review by Duke: October 22
  18. I've been trying to make it up there but it’s been requiring increasingly heroic efforts to do so before November. I may just have to wait until I'm invited for an interview.
  19. CASPA submitted: August 26 Duke received: September 8 "Duke PA application complete" email: September 14 Under review by Duke: PENDING (anxiously) GPA: 3.3/ 3.85 Science GRE: 146Q, 156V, 4.0 HCE: ~1,800 (EMT, ER TECH, Urgent Med) About 8 years in the Army as an Engineer Officer
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