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  1. I also got the call :) Last name starts with a P and I was in Group B.
  2. Has everyone from the 10/17 interview heard regarding a decision?
  3. Nope! Dr. Lohenry said hopefully by Nov. 4. It took about 3 weeks for me to receive the "app complete" email from USC after I submitted my supplemental, probably because your payment needs to be received/processed first. It wouldn't hurt to follow up, though; better safe than sorry!
  4. The interview is Nov. 7. I received an email from UNTHSC notifying me that my app was complete and under review on Aug. 24.
  5. It sounds like (from last year), they interview in Oct, Nov, and Jan., so I wouldn't be too concerned. I just received an invite today, so I would assume they are still sending them out.
  6. Does someone know what the deposit is for securing your spot, in the event of an acceptance? And how long after notification does the deposit need to be made? Thanks!
  7. USC Supp submitted 8/3. My CASPA was verified 8/17. USC email notifying me that my app was complete and under review was received on 8/24.
  8. Has anyone received a rejection? My Yale app was completed in Aug., but it appears that they have already been reviewing/assessing applications that were submitted after mine. Good luck to those with interviews this week!
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