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  1. To anyone still interviewing or who hasn't heard back yet, I (and assuming the other people who accepted their spots) got an email last Friday from Tami and she mentioned that there are currently 25 spots taken and at least two interview sessions still left. So they still have at least 15 spots to fill if all 25 people don't change their minds so still plenty of opportunity and spots open. Good luck to anyone interviewing still!
  2. just got a call yesterday evening with an acceptance! Of course said yes. If your interview is coming up I got the acceptance call the day after the interview in the late afternoon so don't stress if you don't hear from them that first night :)
  3. I think it went well! Now just waiting to hear back... They said they could let us know as early as the next day but it might be a week-month until we find out. Format was no group interviews, just individual applicant with one or two faculty members, you have 3 of these, we were done around 1245pm. Everyone was really friendly, not intimidating at all, lots of current students came to answer questions and give us a tour as well.
  4. I just got an email yesterday (9/30) with an interview invitation for Wednesday Oct. 14th, anyone else going for an interview?
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