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  1. I heard a PA mention in passing once that getting their contract reviewed by a lawyer was "the best $250 I ever spent." No idea where they were located or how long ago.
  2. Just a general rant about a posting on DocCafe... If either provider would see 15 patients a day, why the pay difference?! So annoying! "Pediatrician group in the Maryvale area is seeking either an experienced Nurse Practitioner or Physician Assistant. Newly expanded practice is seeking an additional provider due to patient demand. Current provider is seeking on average 23 patients per day. New provider will be required to see 15 patients per day. Occasional Saturday coverage is required, though will new provider can take a weekday off to offset the additional hours. Outpatient only with no inpatient rounding. Pay is negotiable, though starting rate is $55 pr/hr for NP’s and $49 pr/hr for PAs. Malpractice coverage is supplied. Ideally seeking a Bi-lingual (Spanish preferred) provider whom is available to start this summer. Great opportunity in a great location."
  3. Just so you know, you can change payment plans at any time so you wouldn't have to be "stuck" with anything.
  4. Fair enough. I just wanted to clarify that almost all government loans are eligible. I know private ones aren't.
  5. I sincerely hope no one takes that job. You would be better off being a manager at McDonald's!
  6. Why are you assuming that? Almost all government loans, with the exception of parent plus loans and perkins, are eligible.
  7. The reason it balloons is that it assumes you will get a 5% increase every year AND that the standard deduction and inflation will increase.
  8. This is one reason why I want to be a PA- what company do you go through?
  9. I haven't started PA school yet, but I did a year of long-distance with my then-boyfriend, now-husband. It was tough but it worked out. You have to put the effort in and know that sometimes it will suck. I wouldn't wait if I were you, because what if you don't get in again? Or, you don't get in to the school you wanted, or by that time they're already at their job in a different city. I would just make it work.
  10. Income based repayment is basically only a good idea for people who have more than loans than their current salary. So if you make more than $70k as a PA (and I hope you do!) it makes more sense to do the standard repayment.
  11. I just got an email that they are now opening up their supplemental application to everyone who applied, but they did say that there were no open interview spots- only a chance at a waitlist. I applied late, so I didn't have much hope. I don't really want to pay the $70 additional fee if there is not a chance of being called. What do you guys think?
  12. Undergrad Ed School: Creighton University (Anthropology) Cumulative Undergrad GPA: 3.67 Cumulative Science GPA: 3.65 Graduate School: The University of Edinburgh (Forensic Anthropology) Age of Application: 29 1st GRE: V/167, Q/159, W/4.5 Direct Patient Care: Research coordinator- approx 600 hours direct care Research coordinator- approx 12,000 hours indirect health care experience PA Shadowing- 20 hours Research Activities: 3 papers published, stats background School applied: 3 (AT Still in Mesa- think I was past the deadline, Northern Arizona University, Midwestern in Glendale) Application Submitted Date: 9/1/2015 Interview Invites: Midwestern Denied: NAU Withdrew Application: AT Still (not officially, but I am not doing their supplemental app because they are full) Waitlisted: Accepted: Midwestern! Attempt: 1st
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