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  1. I heard a PA mention in passing once that getting their contract reviewed by a lawyer was "the best $250 I ever spent." No idea where they were located or how long ago.
  2. Just a general rant about a posting on DocCafe... If either provider would see 15 patients a day, why the pay difference?! So annoying! "Pediatrician group in the Maryvale area is seeking either an experienced Nurse Practitioner or Physician Assistant. Newly expanded practice is seeking an additional provider due to patient demand. Current provider is seeking on average 23 patients per day. New provider will be required to see 15 patients per day. Occasional Saturday coverage is required, though will new provider can take a weekday off to offset the additional hours. Outpatient
  3. This is kind of a tangent, but I don't see how this is justified. You are working less days, but that's because the shifts are longer.
  4. I would ask the class above you what they recommend. In our case, they recommended not buying any of the textbooks because you won't need them or can get them in the library.
  5. Hmm... did they remove it from your transcript because they thought the initial grade was wrong? If so, I would say you don't have to report it. It would be like getting a B and petitioning to have a question thrown out to get you up to an A. In that case I would just put A on my transcript. However, if they only removed it because you asked... then I would put it. Is there a place for you to describe what happened?
  6. Second. This is totally something I could see an insurance company exec saying
  7. I am starting Midwestern this year. Whatever you decide, I wouldn't let the $750 sway you one way or the other. It's a drop in the bucket compared to what you will be paying over the next few years!
  8. Just so you know, you can change payment plans at any time so you wouldn't have to be "stuck" with anything.
  9. I would also say to ask them over the phone, but I know I only took one semester of English comp and I got in. I can't remember if they took the English lit or what.
  10. Yep! The only relevance I see in comparing the two is for family and significant others when you are in school. I need people to understand that the program is on the same level as med school and will take the equivalent time and effort. So when I say I can't make your kid's 2nd birthday party because I have a test, they know I'm not making it up. Other than that, I think it's a moot point. Exactly :)
  11. Fair enough. I just wanted to clarify that almost all government loans are eligible. I know private ones aren't.
  12. I sincerely hope no one takes that job. You would be better off being a manager at McDonald's!
  13. Why are you assuming that? Almost all government loans, with the exception of parent plus loans and perkins, are eligible.
  14. No... but this has peaked my curiosity. Cake + Ice cream!
  15. Interesting blog. Now pardon me while I take a scalding hot shower with lye....
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