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  1. Sounds like what you're doing on your application is right because you're getting invited to interviews. How'd you prep for your interviews? I've interviewed at 2 places. I read, "How to "Ace" the Physician Assistant School Interview" and did mock interviews with thePAplatform both times. Got into the school I did my first interview with and still waiting to hear back from the second school I did my interview with. My GPA and GRE score are lower than yours.
  2. Does anyone know if Cal Baptist is holding anymore interviews? EDIT: Looks like last year they interviewed until February!
  3. From what I've been reading on this forum, it looks like there's a total of 3 interview sessions. One is on 1/20 and multiple people got invites for that. Only one other person here has said they got an invite for 1/27, and I don't think invites for the 3rd session have been sent out yet.
  4. Congratulations to everyone that's been accepted, cannot wait to meet you all! Did anyone receive any information about scholarships or financial aid stuff in their acceptance letter?
  5. I got a similar email. I wonder if it means they've already filled their class. i do believe they're on rolling admissions.
  6. Same here! I applied back in July and have not heard from them at all. I've tried calling them multiple times and no one pick up.
  7. Got a rejection letter from them last week. Good luck to everyone that's still in the running!
  8. Was the supplemental questionnaire emailed to you? On their website it states there is no supplemental application.
  9. I'll also be interviewing on that day :) I had that same exact concern.
  10. I'm in the same boat as you. I haven't gotten any sort of email from them yet.
  11. Got a rejection letter in the mail today :/ Congrats to everyone that was accepted and good luck to everyone interviewing! Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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