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  1. Hi all! Got a phone call from them on Friday to come in for the 2/27 interview. Called to decline this morning because I've already committed to another school, so hopefully this frees up a spot for someone. Good luck everyone!
  2. Hi everyone, I just received an invite for the supplemental today, 11/9 (submitted my app on 8/20 if that helps anyone), and I'm just trying to gauge whether I should continue with the process or not. I saw that a lot of you who have already interviewed are waitlisted, so the chances of submitting a supplemental AND getting an interview AND THEN getting an acceptance looks pretty slim. Any thoughts on those who are going/have gone through this process? I know that TUC's interviews last until May, but still... Any input would be greatly appreciated!
  3. Hi all, I doubt this thread is live anymore, but if anyone happens to see this, I'm hoping you can provide me with some insight. I'll be interviewing with Concordia soon, and there's not much info on exactly what to expect. They gave a general agenda, but I'd like to know a little bit more about what the actual interview. Read from a past thread that it isn't a group interview. How many people were you interviewed by? I'm so nervous but remaining optimistic!
  4. I don't understand why this thread isn't on the main page for schools! I'm interviewing this Sat, Nov 7 as well. Staying at the Four Points Sheraton, one of the hotels they had listed on the info that Courtney sent us. Anyone else staying there? I'm flying in Friday, so I'm willing to meet up with anyone in the area! Really looking forward to meeting you all. According the past forums, the interview process was relatively relaxed and gave the interviewees more of a chance to get to know the program.
  5. I completely agree! How did you go about this? I felt like my little paragraph was so insufficient. They asked us to address 3 core values!
  6. Hi! MBKU is one of my top programs, too. I submitted right before the early consideration deadline as well. I've asked them about the supplemental app date because I didn't pay the fee until 9/3, but they said that as long as you completed your CASPA by 9/1, then you made that early deadline! And @fsaelee, I believe that's correct. If you log in to your MyKetchum portal, it says they don't start reviewing until after 11/1 unfortunately. If you made the 9/1 deadline, then it's my understanding you'll be contacted shortly after 11/1 because they will have reviewed your app already.
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