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  1. I have used USMLE Step 2 during didactic year and it is pretty helpful! I also recommend Certification and Recertification for PA's (it's a lime green book)...the green book was very helpful because it has every disease and disorder on the PANCE with hallmarks of everything. I used both of these books a lot for our Clinical Medicine courses.
  2. Hi Everyone, I will be starting clinical rotations in a a few months and I was wondering if anyone had any suggestions for books or reading material for specific rotations or just in general that were helpful enhance the learning process and prepare for the PANCE. Any tips or suggestions would be helpful! Thanks!
  3. Hello Everyone! I am currently starting my third semester of PA school and one of our courses this term is "Medical Ethics". I wanted to reach out to you all to get some advice on a course like this. I have never taken a Philosophy, Ethics, or argumentative course before and from what I hear this course will entail a lot of writing and being able to see both sides of the argument and articulate them well. Having never taken a true Ethics course before, any tips/thoughts/suggestions on how to best prepare myself for this course and the writing it entails? Thanks in advance!
  4. Just so you know, there is now graduate housing at Mount Union that is a bit cheaper than off-campus! Definitely not something you have to do but I just wanted to let people know that it is an option at Mount Union now! Most people live at Potter's Creek or Liberty Heights, but there is also Carriage Hill apartments too!
  5. Mount Union was my top choice as well. But don't let that get in your head during your interview. I remember being even more nervous for their interview even after interviewing at other schools the month before because I felt I had more pressure to do well because I wanted to go there so bad. Seriously, be yourself I can't emphasize that enough. Be honest and genuine. Show them why YOU are a good fit for the program and tell them why they are your first choice! That's really all you can do. Your application got you this far, now show them why YOU are a good candidate and ALWAYS BE POSITIVE. Don't say anything negative about other programs or your undergraduate school just stay positive. There are so many things I love about this program. The first is it is VERY professional and we are held to a very high standard in everything we do. We always dress professional for class and anything we do outside of the community. The professors are approachable and always willing to help. We have a fairly small class size (36 in the year ahead of us and 40 in our class), which I like because there is more one on one time available in labs, etc., if you need it. I also am thrilled for the success of this program so far, they have many recent graduates who have just landed outstanding jobs this year and their clinical rotation capacity keeps growing! Trust me, it's a wonderful university to choose to go to PA school! I could go on and on :) I also just love Mount Union in general, specifically the campus and town (it's small and easy to get around and I like that).
  6. Congratulations! That's very exciting. All I can say is be yourself, be honest, and show them why you want and deserve to be a PA!
  7. We only have 3 Mount alumni in my class right now and I'm pretty sure that there were quite a few who applied last year. Mount takes their application/interview process very seriously, so they may offer interviews to Mount graduates but that doesn't necessarily mean you are a shoe-in for the program. I wish you the best of luck!
  8. The interview style can always change from year to year at any school, so what I tell you may not be true for this year. I would expect a few individual interviews with faculty/staff/current PA's that graduated from the program, as well as a tour of the main PA building to conclude the interview day.
  9. I did not receive my interview e-mail until the end of September and I interviewed in November! I think that there were interviews in October, but I honestly can't remember for sure.
  10. Hi Everyone, Current student at UMU...post any questions that you might have!
  11. I just submitted my supplemental application, if I receive an interview does anyone have any tips???
  12. Undergrad Ed School: The College of Wooster Cumulative Undergrad GPA: 3.75 Science Undergrad GPA: 3.8 Graduate Ed School: The University of Akron Cumulative Graduate GPA: 4.0 CASPA Submitted: August 1st CASPA Verified: August 19th Age at application: 22 1st GRE: 149 (verbal), 149 (quantitative), 4 (writing) Direct Patient Care Experience: >1000 hours as a Patient Care Assistant at a hospital, ~100 hours volunteering as a Health Coach while in Undergrad., >50 hours shadowing a Family Medicine MD and PA and a Pediatric MD. Research: >500 hours of Organic Chemistry research Volunteer: 100 Extracurricular Activities: DIII Varsity Softball, President of Tri-Beta Honor Society, President of Student Athletic Advisory Committee, Volunteering at local school before/after program Awards/Honors: DIII Scholar Athlete, Cum Laude, Honors on my Independent Study Thesis Schools Applied: Baldwin Wallace, University of Findlay, Marietta College, Mt. Union, West Liberty, Alderson-Broaddus, Oregon Health and Science University, Penn State, University of the Cumberlands, South College (Tennessee), University of Tennessee Interview Invites: University of the Cumberlands, Mt. Union, Marietta (waiting), University of Findlay (waiting) Denied: Oregon Health and Science University and University of Tennessee Waitlisted: None Acceptances: University of the Cumberlands and Mt. Union!!!! Attending: Mt. Union!!!!!!!! Still waiting to hear from all of the other schools, but in my case I feel very blessed to have received the interview opportunities that I did especially since this was my first time applying to PA schools. I thought for sure I wouldn't receive any interviews, but I learned not to sell myself short (and neither should you)!!! Mt. Union was my top choice and I was ecstatic to receive an interview but I didn't think I would ever get an acceptance. I truly believe that my interviews saved me because I prepared for weeks in advance, and I went into each one as MYSELF. Don't show the schools something you aren't because in the end it probably won't work out, they want to see who YOU are and what you have to offer. If you receive an interview, SMILE, BE YOURSELF, and BE HONEST!
  13. It could take weeks to months, especially since Penn States supplemental deadline isn't until 12/1. But that is good news for you because you submitted early! If you are worried it never hurts to contact the program and make sure they received it or when you might hear any news. I'm sure they would appreciate your interest and eagerness!
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