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  1. What state is this in? I just got a offer really similar to this except yours includes health insurance and 5 extra days of pto. Does he give extra days for cme as well? Do you have any call?
  2. The average salary of a family medicine PA in Houston is around 89K. But since I am a new grad with no prior work experience, I feel guilty asking for 90k initially if the average experienced PA is making around 90k. Do you always ask for the average? even as a new grad?
  3. How are bonus structures normally made? I countered for 85K and to have a bonus structure written in the contract but I'm not sure what I should request? Since they're requesting that i see 30 patients a day is it fair to say that if I see 30 patients a day I will get X amount of money at 6 months?
  4. Yeah I really did low ball myself. It was my first interview and I was unsure how much I should ask for at a private family medicine practice. Thanks for your input! I'm not sure if this is worth negotiating. I'll keep looking since this was my first offer. Thanks!
  5. Hi guys, I am a new grad and I interviewed at a private practice internal medicine clinic that currently has 3 PA's and 2 MD's I really liked the practice a lot. The environment was everything that I was looking for. I interviewed the first day and they asked me to come back the next day and shadow them and see how we work together. The also asked me how much I wanted to make - which I said 80K. The next day they gave me the job offer letter and here it is: 83K and 2 K relocation 1500 for CME and 5 days off, benefits eligible after 90 days probation. 7 Day holidays, 3 weeks PTO, Malprac
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