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  1. 15 hours ago, MediMike said:

    I'm not sure what you mean by this.  If you are employed by a hospital system then there is a specific framework in place to manage these situations.  Contact HR. This a flagrant screw up on their part.  Do you have any colleagues that operate in the same fashion? Are they covered?

    Only thing I can think of to save your rear end in the setting of a lawsuit would be holding up your contract and showing the line stating that you would be covered.  May be worth talking to an employment lawyer about.

    I have brought it to HR/practice operations attention but they are very slow with things. Basically told me they need to get it approved by the president of our medical group first before they can add it to my previous policy. Which I do not understand why because we have been going to these outside hospitals for years and the encounters are billed through our medical group. There is another Nurse Practitioner I work with but she is under my Supervising Physician's own malpractice insurance, which I am now under as of last month. Why they did not put me under his malpractice insurance from the beginning is beyond me. 

  2. Thanks everyone for the advice. I should add that this outside hospital is only less than 5% of the patients I see for the year. Also when I go to the outside hospital. I generally only dictate the note for my supervising physician and then he signs off on the note (I don’t sign the note most of the time). So my odds of getting sued are pretty low. I also really like my job (even though HR is super disorganized) and I’m worried having a lawyer write a letter to my employer would probably affect the status of my current job? My main concerned about this whole situation is that the outside hospital I go to requires I have malpractice insurance coverage for obvious reasons and if they find out that I did not have coverage for a period of time, then I can get in trouble with the outside hospital and it would go on my record somehow. 

  3. Hi all,

    I am a Cardiology PA and have worked at my current position since April 2018. I am employed by a hospital, but also see Cardiology consults at other outside hospitals too. This is part of my job and I am not paid extra for this and therefore never considered it moonlighting. My supervising physician goes to these outside hospitals too. I was recently looking over my malpractice policy declaration page because it is about to expire and asked my office manager if this covers the outside hospital I see consults at. She did not know so I called the number on the declaration page and they said they do not cover any outside facilites other than my employed hospital. I told them I go to these outside hospital as part of my job and they said the outside hospital can be added to my policy but I would need to get the approval of the hospital president first. And who knows how long that will take or if it will even happen. 

    I reviewed my offer letter/contract and it states my employer will cover all work performed as a PA for them. It does not specify only at their hospital. So I feel like there is something legally wrong here.  Upon learning all of this, I am now on my supervising physician's malpractice policy, which covers all hospitals from now and onwards, but does not cover the past (april 2018 - dec 2020). I called CM&F to see if I could just buy coverage for that outside hospital from April 2018 - December 2020 but they said they cannot sell insurance for the past, but only for now and onwards. Their only suggestion to me was to get my current employer to add the outside hospitals to my current policy

    So right now I feel stuck. My current employer HR team does not see the urgency or seem to care about adding those outside hospitals to my policy. And I also cannot just buy coverage myself because it’s for the past. I feel like my only option is to just move on, and if I am ever actually sued, then I would have to sue my employer for not covering me. 


  4. I am about to leave my current job that I was only at for 3 months. My employer says my malpractice insurance is a group claims-made policy. They said once the policy is terminated, tail will be purchased by the employer. Until then they will keep me as a "terminated schedule." They said I would be covered if anything happened during those 3 months I was there. Is there anything I need to get proof from my malpractice that tail is purchased or that I am still covered under the malpractice insurance even when I am not working there? I would hate to be sued one day and to find out I am not covered by the malpractice insurance that I thought I was covered under..

  5. Family Medicine 8 - 5 M - F.


    I have 1.5 years of experience in family medicine. This is in a large city in Texas. Only one doctor works in office and she has only one PA. Her PA is leaving and is hiring. 18 days PTO (includes CME and sick days). Physician says 15 - 18 ppd. 

     Would be on my own Wednesday afternoons and Friday afternoons.

    6 paid holidays, 1000/year CME 

    Malpractice - has not stated if tail is included   - not sure how to ask this actually without it being awkward

    Health insurance - 50%

    term life insurance for 500,000 for 10 years


    I am thinking of countering for 20 days PTO (cause 6 days paid holiday is a little low right?), tail insurance if I stay longer than 1 year, and a extra week of non paid vacation.


    What do you all think?

  6. Hi guys,


    I have been working in family medicine for around 10 months in Houston TX. It's around a 45 minute drive from my house both ways and I am getting a little burnt out from seeing 20 patients a day 5 days a week. I make 90k a year and have 3 weeks vacation and 1 week CME (which I can use as vacation). 401k after one year, no health insurance (i dont really need it since I am under my husband), malpractice without tail. I have always seen myself just doing family medicine for a year, and then going into another field like dermatology.


    I was recently offered a position at a allergy clinic. I feel like this might be a stepping stone to dermatology because they see a lot of skin allergy patients? I'm not sure. Anyways, the benefits are 100k, 2 weeks PTO, no extra for CME. health insurance, paid licenses, and that's about it for benefits. I would travel between three locations depending on what day it is. All locations are between 30 minutes - 45 minutes from my home. I would see less patients -around 8 - 10 patients per day. 5 days a week. I kept telling him that I wanted 4 weeks PTO. But he said he cant offer that because then he would have to close the entire clinic whenever I take off. I feel like the salary is really good  but the PTO is just so low and I love to travel. It's also still super far from my home and I really wanted a position closer to home..


  7. I just started working in texas and I have my temporary and I am told I am not allowed to write perscriptions with my temporary. Is this true? I thought I could do the same with my temporary as I could with a permanent? 

  8. Thanks guys for the motivation! Right now they have me seeing around 15 patients on my supervising physician's schedule and helping out the other providers with patients around the office. I am supposed to get my own schedule this week with around 23 - 25 patients per day. This gives me a lot of anxiety because I am already struggling with the current patient load I have now, and to increase it by 10 patient's .. I just don't know if I can handle that. They hired another new grad PA though who started a couple weeks before me and she's seeing 25 patients per day now and seems to be handling it just fine. So I feel bad if I complain. They try to assign me the easy acute patient's right now but I also get random chronic complicated diabetic follow up patients as well. Also I have no idea how to dose insulin.. 


    To add, I dont want to leave this job for at least a year because I know it will look back to future employers, I am just afraid that my supervising physician and the physician co owner of the practice might lay me off because I am too slow/ not productive enough. This is a small private family medicine practice. 


    I am learning a TON every day. I just feel bad that I feel like I am learning the emr system/medicine/patient flow a lot slower than the other PA's at the practice. :(

  9. Hi all I'm a new grad and I'm 2 weeks into my first job of family care and I am burnt out. I am having a hard time learning the new emr, medicine, and balancing all the patients I have to see . I feel like the supervising physician is getting a little frustrated with my learning curve. Although they told me when I was hired that they are new grad friendly, it's pretty stressful! How long is appropriate to stay at your first job?

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  10. So I ended up taking the position. They increased my offer to 85K and said we could renegotiate the salary and bonus structure after 6 months. They also said the first month would be a lot of shadowing and they would "start me out slow with patients."

    I really only wanted to do family medicine/internal medicine for 1 - 2 years any way and then go into something else. One thing though - this offer does not have a contract. And in the offer letter it states they will cover malpractice. Does that mean I can leave whenever and not have to worry about paying tail?

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