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  1. Okay so I can’t apply for a DEA number without a job? Because I need a DEA number to register for the Prescription Monitoring program. Also how long is the process for registering your new license?
  2. Hello everyone, I am a new grad PA and was just approved of my state license today. I am so confused on what is the next step. How do I register my license? And how do I get a DEA number? [I'm sorry if I sound dumb, but I am genuinely lost on what I have to do]
  3. Okay guys, I just read the "Top 10 criticisms of Medical Care Practitioner" from the AAPA huddle. I agree. I'm an MCP believer now . However, I still think the NP's are going to basically steamroll over our profession. From a business standpoint, it's more logical to hire an independent NP vs PA/MCP (who require a supervising physician). One salary vs two. Kind of funny how the profession with the "more intensive training model" can't practice independently.
  4. May as well merge with the NPs at this point then with that mental approach. Like what is unique about our profession then? What is even the point of our profession? Why not just be part of one entity if we are literally the same as NP’s in your eyes? The way the PA profession is headed makes no logical sense. And I am worried.
  5. Initially yeah, but in time, people will start saying Physician Associate more. The point is that we retain our identity, which we have created over the past 50 years. Not start all over with MCP. The patients who know us, are aware of what we are capable of. Because we regularly diagnose & treat them. For many of them, we are even their PCP. What we care about are the people who don't know about the PA profession. First impression is important and we want to stop them from reading Physician "Assistant" because that is misleading. PA's are actually hot right now. Many young hig
  6. You're the first person I have seen use the Walmart analogy. Does everyone else here also view or relate the word "Associate" to that? "Physician" Associate sounds way better than "Walmart" Associate... lol. We don't even work at Walmarts!
  7. I may have an unpopular opinion among the people on these forums or may be one of the silent ones, but I actually don't feel comfortable being known as a "Medical Care Practitioner." I feel like patients will just associate us with nurses and be asked many times, "So are you like a Nurse Practitioner?" I feel like the people in the United States are getting used to the term "PA". I like having "Physician" in my title, because it reminds me that I was taught medicine through the same model as Physicians, not nurses. Changing our names to "Physician Associate" may still not feel the best,
  8. Woah that's possible?! I thought they were two different residencies!
  9. Hahaha I'm thinking I'll most likely go into Internal or Emergency medicine, but we'll see what happens. I'll be open to other specialties
  10. Man seeing these recent events and comments about our profession is furthering my interest to go back to medical school.. May as well do it while I’m in my 20s.
  11. Hey guys! I have a random question as a new grad PA What if you know what the diagnosis is when seeing a patient, but forgot the appropriate diagnostic workup/treatment? What's a professional way to say "I'll be right back" and quickly go look it up on UpToDate or something without sounding dumb?
  12. Hello, I recently made a post yesterday and got some great feedback. You can read more about my background and thoughts there. Feel free to give more insight. I am reading all comments and using it sort of as a guidance in making a serious life decision. You can check it here: However for the professional PA's who are currently working, my main question for you today is: Are you satisfied as being a PA? What are some things that Physicians do that you can't in your specialties? Give me concrete examples! A lot of people say autonomy, wide scope of practice, vertical mobility,
  13. Here are some more of my thoughts that I just private messaged someone: Thank you so much for replying, I really need guidance in my life. I am confused and don't know WHAT path is actually WORTH taking. I love medicine. I have grown super passionate about it. I also love academia. I watch a lot of medical school vlogs and wish I went through the rigorous schooling like they did. PA school felt like a joke to me. It was mainly memorizing buzz words, without understanding the "why's". Now, I know I can learn the why's using third party resources on my own - like sketchymedical,
  14. Thank you for the in-depth responses guys! I am reading them all and taking them into consideration. Can I ask for input on the day-to-day job differences as a PA vs MD/DO in internal or emergency medicine? (If there are any).
  15. Hahaha woah are you already on this path? Would you mind sharing your background and why you decided to go back for medical school after becoming a PA? What is your thought process? What are you benefiting? What are you sacrificing?
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