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  1. Hello everyone! I am currently a PA student at South University. First of all, I'd like to congratulate those that have been accepted!! You are in good hands And good luck to those who have landed an interview! The purpose of this message is to reach out to the incoming class and offer myself as a future roommate! I lived through my first year alone at The Flats Apartments at West Broad Village (which are the apartments that are walking distance from South University). It was a bad decision to live alone. The prices were ~$1,500/per month without utilities (yikes). However, my lease ends on January 10, 2019. If anyone wants to lease a 2 bedroom/2 bathroom and save a lot of money, please reach out to me! Private message me and we can exchange contacts. 2 bedroom apartments start at $1,600 (so splitting that cost would be so worth the money to live here!). That is all I wanted to ask. Can't wait to meet you guys! Tip: I recommend creating a GroupMe chat with your cohort, we use it all the time to keep in touch, ask questions, help each other, etc. You guys will be in each other's faces for 40+ hours a week for the next 15 months, so better get used to it! Feel free to private message me if you have questions about South University, its PA program, or anything else as well. It's an amazing program with great faculty! Side note: I am a guy (if that is a factor in making your decision; however I am open to anyone!). ***I need to make a decision in 30 days***
  2. Hello everyone! My interview is this week, and I wanted to ask: How were the interviews? Is it an individual interview, group interview, or an MMI? How long were they? And any other advice you can give for the entire interview day!
  3. Hey guys my interview is on the 27th of October! Any tips or advice? How were the interviews?? CONGRATS to all those who got accepted!!
  4. Did anyone else get an email stating: "At this time, application reviews by the admission committee are on hold pending admission decisions for those already invited to interview." :(
  5. "2. Completed FGCU Graduate School application under the Graduate Students tab." Do we have to do this right now or only if we get accepted and will be attending this school?
  6. I got an interview invitation for September 14/15 as well!! Good luck everyone :)
  7. I was interviewed on 9/9, I'm so anxious to know the result! I really want to get in!!
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