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  1. Hi Danny, Accepted students didn't get much info regarding how big the class will be. We currently have 55-60 in our facebook group, maybe more that havent signed up for it as well. ( there are current students in it so hard to have exact numbers). I imagine some are waiting until april 15th to finally accept or decline, so after that things will probably get moving quick. Good luck!
  2. Anyone that attended 2/27 interview, any talk about it being the final interview?
  3. Can anyone confirm that 2/27 is the next and final interview date?
  4. Ya they seem very relaxed about the decision. It seemed that about 25 of us found out in December, but only started getting the offical details last week. It seems that they are letting the rest know last week and probably more this week, so gives everyone about two months to decide!
  5. They don't require a seat deposit, but the deadline to accept is 4/14
  6. I will be declining my waitlist spot as I was accepted to my top choice last month. I have just been waiting on my offical acceptance from them before I do so!
  7. Some have been invited for 2/6 interviews, so I am guessing their website dates are estimates or old.
  8. No. You won't need it. Bring it if you want to refresh yourself morning of. But its pretty fast pace and they have all your info.
  9. I havent received any information regarding that yet. I got the acceptance notice two fridays ago and they said we would received the offical admission info within 4 weeks. I assume that will give us all the additional info regarding securing a seat.
  10. I sent in my intent and signed the funding agreement and received an email feiday confirming that they received both with a little tidbit about welcoming me in board for summer 2016.
  11. It is currently provisional. The first class will be graduating next summer and status is dependent upon board results.
  12. Does anyone have information regarding the potential start date for seattle site? I know there is the online portion, but when you actually need to be on campus?
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