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  1. I believe by the first day of official class, but not too sure
  2. I applied to 30 schools! Spent a lot of money but at least I know I have all my options open.
  3. Interview also on 8/18! Good luck everyone!
  4. Hello, so I applied this year and didn't get in. I had 4 interviews out of 6 schools I applied for. I didn't do so well in the interviews and got denied from all the schools I applied too. Kinesiology Major Exercise Science--> Overall GPA 3.74 Core Science--> 3.67 Patient Direct care--> 2,000+hrs Physical Therapist Aide Volunteer--> 150hrs volunteering at hospitals, 80hrs feeding the homeless Shadow a PA--> 50hrs I plan to improve for the next cycle by taking the GRE, and practice my interviewing skills. Also do you think doing an EMT program and working as an EMT make me much more competitive?
  5. No, I asked and she said she couldn't tell me where I was ranked. :(
  6. Just got an email, I was placed on the waiting list. I talked to the program director and she said we are ranked on the waiting list and only have 7 spots open this year compared to 20 last year.
  7. Same Boat! I thought we would hear back within two weeks.
  8. I just got my rejection letter in the mail! Good luck guys!
  9. Did I hear right that the faculty said we will hear back in a week if we get in or not?
  10. Does anyone know what the class size is for the class of 2018? Thanks!
  11. Got a rejection email Today. Good luck with the interviews for everyone who got an interview!! :)
  12. Thank you all for your input about the interview process. My interview is in 5 days, hope it goes well.
  13. Just got an interview invite Jan 29th will be trying to reschedule the interview due to another interview a day before.
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