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  1. I live in Northern California. Unfortunately I can’t relocate easily because of my husband’s job.
  2. Hey all, I’m a new grad PA (graduated in June) feeling really discouraged with the job market right now. I took a per diem job with an occupational med company because it was the only place that was interested in me and I’ve been working with them for the last 4 months. I have been applying to ERs and UCs with not much luck. Last week had an interview with an ER that said they’re new grad friendly. This week I was contacted asking for references and then the same day they asked for references I got an email from the lead ER PA telling me that they decided not to move forward with my appl
  3. \ Thanks for replying! Do you guys do rotations with Highland Hospital?
  4. I'd like to add to this topic! Where do you guys tend to do your clinicals in the Bay Area? Also, do you know anyone who has done clinicals in LA? I'm curious what kinds of places we can expect to be going to for clinicals :)
  5. Hello current TUC students! I recently accepted my spot at Touro for the new PA cohort! I was curious where you guys do your clinicals in the Bay Area. I don't remember them really talking about it at the information session but then again I may have just been so jittery that day that I don't remember. haha
  6. Also got an interview! Would love some input on how to prep for it :)
  7. I applied early June and have not heard from them either. I'm getting worried...
  8. Thanks so much! This is all great info. I'll check out that website. I'm willing to drive out a bit if it's only once a week or so.
  9. Thank you so much! I will give them a call. That's hopeful :)
  10. Oh man.. so tough! I'll keep trying to contact different hospitals.
  11. I'm actually in a post bacc program right now. It's an expensive option but it's nice because you could get into the classes you need. I don't necessarily regret my decision to do a post bacc, but I feel like it was expensive. The program I'm in doesn't force you to complete any certain class so you have the freedom to enroll in the classes you need. If you're having a difficult time finding classes in a community college (I had the same issue) then I would recommend a post bacc.
  12. Thank you so much! I'd love information on the CASPA calculations if you can pass that on to me. :) One thing I was wondering... I made the mistake of taking ochem this summer as an accelerated class (ochem 1 for 5 weeks, then ochem 2 for 5 weeks) and got a B and B- so I decided I didn't want to take the last ochem class in the series. I've been going back and forth about taking ochem 3 either in spring with a different teacher at CSUEB or taking ochem 2 at a community college so I can complete the series but I'm not sure if PA schools really care about ochem since most of the schools I'
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