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  1. Hey everyone, I just declined my seat for the class of 2018. I hope this opens a spot for one of you fine people. Best of luck! -Rob
  2. I was accepted too! Congrats to those who were accepted as well.
  3. Agreed with Jenna about the interview experience. It was a much more laid back ecperience than I had expected. The interviewers were playing jack Johnson and Dave Matthews throughout the entire interview. Lol.
  4. I'm not sure I may end up going to Bayshore. It seems like a nice program. Gotta make a pros and cons list lol
  5. If accepted would you attend the Bayshore program? I have an acceptance elsewhere but I'm highly considering it
  6. I thought the interview went well today too. I interviewed with the program director and another faculty member. Both were extremely nice, it was more of a get to know you session. I felt like they did most of the talking? Lol
  7. How'd your interview go today Jenna? I had mine today too
  8. Hey there, I'll also be interviewing on the 29th of Feb. very excited!
  9. Congrats cagold, you must've been in my interview group!
  10. Hey everyone, I was also accepted this AM. I interviewed January 25th at 1pm!
  11. For the people who were accepted, we're both of your interviews in the AM of January 25th?
  12. I called them yesterday and they said that we should be hearing the final decision by April. But that's the latest we will hear back. A friend of mine was accepted within 2 weeks of her interview, so I would imagine the acceptances will be happening pretty soon!
  13. Tommy, I think I interviewed with you..whatsup man! Did you hear back yet?
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