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  1. Thanks, I really appreciate it guys. I'm looking to move out of Florida. Utah would be amazing. I don't see the job posted but I'll keep checking.
  2. I'm currently a trauma PA at a level 1 trauma center. I have about a year experience. I'm looking for a new trauma PA position for relocation and salary purposes. If anyone knows of any locations looking to hire, could you please let me know? Thank you.
  3. I am currently a Trauma PA at a level I trauma center. My salary is below the national average, but according to the hospital system it's based on "years of experience". So as a recent graduate, I'm placed at the bottom of the salary bracket. Unfortunately, PAs are not well compensated at this hospital. I love my job though and therefore have been doing some research to present data to my employer of what mid-levels are making in trauma. If there are any trauma PAs that work for a level I or II trauma center and would be willing to share their salary and any other compensation (bonus, CME, lic
  4. I recently passed my PANCE and have been offered a trauma position at a level I hospital. I really want to pursue a trauma career and I am very excited to have the opportunity as a new grad. The offer is $35.89/hour but salary position, therefore no overtime or holiday pay. It works out to about $74,651 which is below the national average for new grad salaries. Malpractice is covered but no CME coverage. I've been told the hospital does provide enough opportunities to meet the minimum amount of CMEs though. Vision, dental, and medical insurance. PTO is accrued the more time I work, which I'm
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